Question 102

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  1. kate:

    I will never be arrogant.
    I will never stop trying.
    I will never stop loving.

  2. I will never:

    -Abandon My Faith

  3. Anonymous:

    I will never cheat on him.
    I will never stop trying.
    I will never give up.

  4. Romer Jed:

    I will do my best to make my actions match my words and not the other way around.

    I will, if I can, try my best to rely on myself and very seldom on others; however, if anyone needs me I will always be there for them and give them my heart, body, and soul.

    If I fall, I’ll do my best to accept the past and learn from it and get right back up. Even through my mistakes, failures, and deaths.

  5. Just one,
    and not really moral,
    but seemed the only principal I like to quite stick with for now,

    “I will never say never :)”

  6. Lua:

    I will never look down for someone .

    I will never make others reduce my value .

    I will never stop dreaming 🙂

  7. Kitty:

    I will never…

    1- Stop loving God

    2- Give my Virginity to anyone I am not married to

    3- Give up

  8. Maddy:

    I will never cheat on him.
    I will never turn out like my mother.
    I will never blame others for my problems.

    2+3 are kinda the same, but still.

  9. 1. Friends and family comes first. Always.

    2. Never sell yourself out, you’re worth more than anyone can possibly give.

    3. Take charge and never let someone or something dominate your life. There’s only one thing that can stop you from overcoming anything… and that’s yourself.

  10. JennyLynn:

    I will continue to grow stronger.
    I will always pass on my advice from my experiences.
    I will never disrespect.

  11. Lucy:

    I will never kill. I will never stop looking for beauty in life. I will never stop being who I am.

  12. Jordan:

    1. I will never compromise myself for money.
    2. I will never compromise for justice.
    3. I will never compromise myself to be popular.

  13. Bobby O:

    1.) Never hit a Women

    2.) Family First, Always

    3.) Try till you Die

  14. Lindsey:

    I will never give up what I believe in, for anyone.

    Family first-always.

    Never stop loving.

  15. Danielle:

    I will never allow myself to be abused.

    I will never drink in excess, in other words, I will never become like my mother.

    I will never have an abortion. I wouldn’t steal someone’s chance of life away from them.

  16. Rachel:

    1) Accept life how it comes.
    2) Don’t make someones life miserable.
    3) Live with a good conscience.

  17. JP:

    Never let what another person says about me determine how I feel about myself.

    I will question everything always, and never stop seeking truth.

    Never make things harder for someone else to make them easier for myself.

  18. April:

    I will never have sex outside of marriage.
    I will never kill anyone.
    I will never steal.

  19. Riddle:

    I will not kill anyone.
    I will always be loyal to those who I love.
    If someone needs my help, I will do all I can to give them what they need.

  20. Kate:

    I don’t believe in absolute moral rules.

  21. Phenethylamine:

    I will try everything that I can
    I will never forsake my ideals
    I will live a life worth remembering

  22. sab:

    Never say never but
    I wont kill.
    I wont lose my love.
    I wont stop dreaming.

  23. Emma:

    I will never
    -Be like they were to me
    -Consider ending it all again
    -Push away those who love me

  24. Janie:

    I will always remember where I come from.
    I will love with my whole heart.
    I will never settle for second best.

  25. Ashley:

    never wish something bad upon gramma
    never sleep with a guy on the first night
    never deny a compliment

  26. Nick:

    I will never drink, smoke and do drugs.
    I will never physically hurt someone.
    I will always have my conscience.

  27. :P:

    i will not end up like my mum
    i will try and stay true to myself even if those around me think its wrong
    i will never murder another human being

  28. Julie Takase:

    Be humble.
    Be grateful.
    Be true.

  29. Kristen Deneuve:

    1) I will never betray a true friend
    2) I will never show what I am feeling to people that aren’t important to me
    3) I will never let go of my dreams no matter how hard it is

  30. Joey:

    never betray my friends
    never sell out who i am
    always protect her

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