Question 103

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  1. To me, truly loving someone is being willing to die for them.


  2. absent:

    Shut up…
    We mean it.

  3. Kelson:

    I think it means allowing them to see who you really are and trusting that they won’t run away.

  4. Chelsea:

    It means to give yourself to this person. Not so much physically, as mentally.

  5. Tay:

    It means to allow someone in…Completely.

  6. Romer Jed:

    In my opinion, I think it means allowing them to be a part of your life and letting them in on it, without pushing them away constantly.

  7. Melinda:

    to love yourself

  8. moca:

    To me it means letting them see everything about you, the good and the bad, the past, present and future, and trusting that they won’t use it against you. You give them the power to hurt you because you become vulnerable with them and trusting that they won’t ever use that power. I feel like I am leaving some things out, but maybe it’s one of those ‘you can’t ever really explain love’ scenarios.

  9. Jo:

    To let go of all those fears and break all those barriers blocking your heart…

  10. Laura:

    To trust them completely with your heart. Knowing that they will never hurt you

  11. Kitty:

    to allow them to truly see you.

  12. Chandana:

    It means giving them the power to hurt you, but trusting them not to…

  13. Jenny:

    There should be no questions asked. It should come naturally.

  14. Emmie:

    To allow yourself to trust someone so completely that you show them every bad thing about you, every flaw and imperfection, knowing they will only ever see beauty in it. To give every piece of yourself to someone knowing you’ll get hurt, that they’ll hurt you, but to realize it was never intentional. To give up all the power you have because you know they’ll hand it right back.


    to let them see every side of you the beautiful and the ugly for them to love you for who you are and for you to let them love every side curve and bump of yourself

  16. spysqueen:

    to let them see you as you truly are and if they stay with you its true love. Or to try out a relationship and break up only to get back together after 8 long yrs lnowing every good or bad thing the other has done

  17. youngnsassy:

    To give someone your heart and trust they won’t break it.

  18. kay:

    to give them every part of you, especially the flaws, and know that when you show them it’ll only make them love you more

  19. April:

    Opening yourself up to them. Letting them inside.

  20. Kelly:

    when you give all of yourself until there is nothing more to give and then you give more… when they can honestly say that they love every single little flaw about you more than they love the good things… when you become so comfortable with them that being in their arms feels like home. To allow them to see into the very depths of your soul and then letting them reach in and hold your heart….

  21. Gem:

    you can’t love if you can’t love yourself, and it means you truly trust them with everything you are and feel no need to hide any habit, opinion or feeling

  22. Nick:

    It means to accept me for who I am.

  23. noanme:

    agree with Kelson:

    it means allowing them to see who you really are and trusting that they won’t run away.

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