Question 104

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16 Responses to “Question 104”

  1. Laura:

    The sound of waves hitting the shore, friends smiling and having fun together, not being angry or upset or hurt, and just being happy.

  2. Anonymous:

    Peace is when the power of love conquers the love of power.

  3. Nic:

    Being in the Eye of the Storm… knowing that things may be falling apart around me but being unable to affect me…
    This can be a moment lying in the floor with music un the background not having to do anything immediately.

  4. Romer Jed:

    Just feeling… alright with everything and accepting things as they are, but more importantly finding a sense of balance and the right sense of happiness to accompany it.

  5. Lua:

    not to fear from anything except Allah . .

  6. Acceptance.

  7. smile naturally 🙂

  8. Conn:

    Not having to worry about anything.

  9. JennyLynn:

    Honestly? Death- in a nonsuicidal way. Because this world is full of horrible things.

  10. Lucy:

    Sitting on my hammock at nine thirty with one of my best friends, talking about what really matters in life. Or swinging in the park, texting my crush.

  11. Kacie:

    The middle of the night, when everyone around you is sleeping and there is no traffic, just silence.
    The time of night when you can think the most and not be judged if you speak aloud your thoughts.

  12. April:

    I think of tranquil water for some reason.
    Or looking at the lights of a city from afar off at night and you cannot hear any of the sounds, but you can still see the beauty. Now, to make it better, you’re with the person you love the most. Holding them and being held.

  13. Z:

    the opposite of this.

    Its been a long time, but I remember peace when God was around.

  14. Nick:

    When people unite.

  15. Joleen:

    Acceptance for everyone. It doesn’t matter which religion, which country and all that stuff – it’s important to ‘fight’ for the same thing.

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