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  1. Confused:

    This question has already been posted.

  2. Zsófi:

    the dramacamp I took part in, last summer.

  3. i didnt have one yet.

  4. Fran:


  5. Now.

    Now I am trying to quit being so uptight and struggle pulling my real self out.
    Now I am in my passionate phase, staying real conscious 🙂

  6. The most defining moment of my life was when my best friend was murdered when we were 11 years old. It really opened my eyes at a young age and forced me to see the world as it really is. Cruel and dark.

    I left my faith and found my own answers. I don’t let the world take me down, I go after it with more fight than I can ever imagine I would have had otherwise.

  7. JennyLynn:

    When I watched my mom die.

  8. Abbie:

    It’s funny that I saw this question. I just got back from a church camp based around finding your defining moment and it has me thinking. My most defining moment was when God took me by my hand and started guiding me. Since then, I have had no desire to do anything typical teenagers want to do. I just want to glorify His name.

  9. Isil:

    My AFS year. Living with another family for a year in a totally different culture. Understanding why people are who they are.

  10. Bipolar:

    There is no most defining moment of my life, every moment has its own pro’s and con’s to be cherished, I lived my life pretty fully I guess. I’m mostly a happy and curious person

    But to give the word its meaning my most defining moment can be the day I tryed my firt LSD.
    That day I discovered all the colors and love in the universe. I realized true survival of the soul passes through the nature.

  11. Justin:

    When my friend died two years ago. It changed my life and gotten me out my shyness. Looking back, I now don’t understand how I used to be shy and why I didn’t open up then.

  12. Stuart:

    Every new second that passes by, for then I am one second older and one second wiser than I was before.

  13. Tiff:

    “He’s been missing since Tuesday.” (September 13, 2001)

  14. April:

    There isn’t one.

  15. Riddle:

    Of my life so far [not that there had been much of it]… When I first guy I actually liked rejected me. I had to re-evaluate what I meant to him and what he meant to me. I found independence and strength.

  16. BJ:

    when they shot my husband and he was still alive

  17. Ris:

    Nearly losing my sisters twice.

  18. Sabrina:

    I think it’s now, when I have different paths in front of me.

  19. Nick:

    My high school graduation.

  20. Alec:

    When I almost died on the side of a 1,400 granite wall in the S. Austrian Alps. When I was up about half-way, I made the mistake of looking down… only to see the tall pines look tiny. It was about 80-85 degrees and we were climbing unaided. I trembled in fear, a fear that I’ve never known since. My brother saved my life in his confidence to continue. Without his strength and determination, I would not be here today.

    It was an epic day, one filled with surprise, with unbelievable natural beauty, with a sense that anything is possible in this life if only one embraces risk.

    I can feel the fear. I can still see the valley below. I still breath a sigh of relief as I mentally see the summit within reach. The range of emotions felt that day… Yes. That was my defining moment in life. If I can overcome panic, regroup, and press on… I can meet any challenge this life can throw at me.

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