Question 108

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37 Responses to “Question 108”

  1. Anonymous:

    The love my best friend and I have built together, my family, my happiness.


    My family, my friends, my love, and my enjoyment of adventure. . . my house and my fear I would give up.

  3. Rea:

    My Son.

  4. mountaineer:

    Stillness. I use it to move to the quiet place.

  5. WHO I AM 🙂

  6. Erin:

    my best friend, my passion, my love, my heart, myself

  7. Maria:

    Everything that is in my life at the moment.

  8. My pets, my family, my friends.

  9. erin:

    my amazing husband, my gorgeous kitty, family & friends, and my freedom.

  10. freestylewalker:

    My life.
    My love, and all the people I care for, friends and family.
    My self, who I am.
    How I think, act, or feel.
    My freedom.

  11. Amber:

    My beliefs

  12. Nic:

    my life… and more than 1.000.000 dollars in cash :B

  13. Candice:

    money is more powerful than people give it credit… life is not so clear… pick a or b… sometimes you choose without even knowing that you choose. Personally, I hate money and everything that surrounds it. I wouldn’t give anything for $1,000,000… not one thing.

  14. Romer Jed:

    My friend and beliefs.

  15. JennyLynn:

    I wouldn’t give up my family or friends.

  16. Star:


  17. Hanna:

    My health and my family.


    my bestfriend:never judges always listens hugs me when im down supports all my ideas and beliefs even when there a little insane wouldnt want to take that away for all the money in the world my bestfriend is all i need -ART

  19. Alex:

    my xb/f.

  20. Khalid:

    Nothing.. as what I have, my siblings, children, memories are worth far more than this measly amount.

  21. Alex:

    A person, music, or laughing.

  22. Rachel:

    My soul.

  23. April:

    Those I love.
    My religion.

  24. Don't Tell the Boss:

    I wouldn’t give up any human being in my life, my dignity, etc. I’ve got lots of material crap that I’d gladly donate for a cool mil though!

  25. theme:

    nothing :P. ILL TAKE THE MONEY BBY

  26. Inka:

    everything I have now. Except house. For that money I could buy a better one.

  27. Emma:

    My sisters who mean everything to me

  28. Sabrina:

    God, be able to listen to music and my health.

  29. Nick:

    My family and friends.
    My dignity.

  30. Alex:

    the people i love. myself. happiness, love, and music.

  31. Franz:


  32. Joey:

    the people i love

  33. Nik:

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