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  1. I do Am “selfish” type in helping, especially when I can help those I pretty care about I feel extremely good myself which became my biggest “gain” lately 🙂

  2. Romer Jed:

    When I’m doing something for someone, I usually don’t think that way… but after I do said action, then that becomes a thought in my mind.

    “What’s in it for me?”
    “He/She only talks to me when they want something…”
    “He/She never help me out…”
    “Why did I help him/her when they wouldn’t help me?”
    “I’m only there because I’m easily used…”
    “Next time, I should say ‘no.'”

    And that ‘no’ never comes, and I’m back in the same cycle, but at times when its for someone who’s close to me, then I’ll be fine with it and I won’t experience the above chain of thoughts. But in most cases, I usually think that way after I do anything for another person.

  3. Sometimes.

  4. Devon:

    I always help people, its pretty much all i ever do, simply because i hate the feeling that somebody else is in need, so i help them and never get to myself.

    At first, i was always wondering, “so when’s my chance, wheres my reward?” and i of course have never gotten anything, so now, i just accept that and continue to help no matter how much it hurts, always expecting nothing back.

  5. JennyLynn:

    I used to ask that. Now I never expect anything, not even a thank you. Sometimes yes, it is a little frustrating when someone does not appreciate anything you may do for them, even a small act of kindness but I just tell myself, hey thats just how some people are, maybe they will appreciate one day, and I move on.

  6. Dror:

    When I help someone there are two types of responses I have:
    1) If it’s someone that is always asking me for help and never helps me when i’m in need (and i know only 1 person like this), then I usually don’t help him (unless he is stuck without bus money, but not more then that).

    2) If it’s a friend or someone i don’t know so i help something like 80%-90% of the times, but i don’t think “what’s in it for me directly?” i think of Karma, and i believe that when you help people then people will help you, and the universe also helps you and grants you more opportunities and “luck”.

  7. lisa:

    Not usually. As a Christian I am called to help others. I want to be a blessing because even if it’s not noticed, my Lord sees, and that is enough. I am not worthy of abything good, but God blesses me, so out of that love and blessing I’m receiving, I can reach out to others in need. What more can I ask for? What better reward is there than to know Jesus is saying “well done good and faithful servant!”?

  8. Malinda:

    Sometimes I help because it is the right thing to do. But I also help just because it feels right.

  9. Aisha:

    Almost always, everyone does. Even if you don’t notice it, subconsciously we can’t help it. Even if what you benefit is simply a warm feeling of well being. If what you are doing is for religious reasons, then a part of you is doing it not only to help others, but also to please God, and ultimately, to go to heaven.

  10. No. If anything, my only question is “am I doing enough?”
    I tend to be rashly altruistic at times; I have quite a martyr complex. Even in dire situations, I find myself unconsciously planning out how I would go about helping/saving/etc. those around me, forgetting that I too would need to be safe in order to lend aid.

    In short, there doesn’t need to be anything in it for me. The knowledge that I am doing what is right, helping another soul, is all I need. I live for love and that is all I could ever ask for.

  11. danceportal:

    I do.
    Because these days, when you help someone, you don’t know if they’re using you, they’re taking advantage of you, and you may be at a huge loss at the end. Blindly helping someone these days (especially financially) could be a huge risk. Only at times of financial concern do I ask “What’s in it for me?” It hard not to ask that during our financial crisis.

  12. Gabbo:

    No. My ego is satisfied simply by helping someone else. Err, not that that’s the only reason I help others, but I’m glad if I was able to be of use to someone. It proves to me that I’m not worthless and that I have value, unlike what some people around me say.

  13. Sam:

    Almost every single time. I used to think, “Oh, they’ll do something nice for me next time. It’ll all be fine.”

    Then that would never happen.

    So, I help people and realize that even though I expect something back, it’ll never come.

  14. Khalid:

    NEVER… as it’s only love in helping others. The greatest of joy to see the sparkle in the other’s eyes when one helps. Awesomely priceless…

  15. April:

    I hate that it comes to mind sometimes. lol

  16. Kay:


  17. Don't Tell the Boss:

    Never. Not one time that I am consciously aware of.

  18. Phenethylamine:

    Often, because it’s human nature. I have to consciously push it out of my mind frequently to simply help for the sake of helping. I’m highly skeptical of those who claim that it never occurs, because even if they are genuinely driven to help others, they are still human with the natural human desires in the back of their mind. (not to mention that if people never though “what’s in it for me?” than we probably wouldn’t have any problems at all in the world.)

  19. sab:

    I think “I hope this makes them smile and remember there is still kindness in this world.”

  20. sodapop:

    that is the last thing i think of. all i know is that i need to help them out of this NOW!

  21. Kat:

    No, not really. Just hope someday if I need the favor returned someone might actually be there.

  22. Yuchie:

    Not really.

    I had an acquaintance who I barely knew. Out of the blue, he came to me about his depression and his cutting. All that I knew was that I wanted more than anything to help him get better. It would make me so happy to one day have him know what it’s like to be…happy.

  23. Morrissey wrote to me and said, I have a song for you and if we release it as a single, you’ll be on the charts for the first time since 1972, I said, what time, where?

  24. Jomz:

    No. What satisfies him or her, satisfies me.

  25. Nick:

    Sometimes, not being selfish though. I would just think if it would benefit me also in a big way, but I still help, regardless.

  26. Kristen Deneuve:

    Sometimes. I’m selfish like that. There are people that mean something to me
    though or people that I pity for whom I do things without asking this.

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