Question 111

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22 Responses to “Question 111”

  1. K.:

    My Greatest Challenge In Life Has To Be Living. Living Is So Hard Because You Have To Watch Out From Getting Sick,Killed Or Hurt. Some Find Living Life Easy But Others Find It Hard 🙂

  2. Valerie:

    The hardest challenge is to live in the current moment, not to get waylayed by past memories and future projections.

  3. Romer Jed:

    My own idea of self-worth is my biggest challenge. Even if I perform miracles, I’ll still consider myself worthless in everyone’s eyes.

  4. Laura:

    Overcoming my shyness and speaking my mind. Just being myself

  5. Melinda:

    treating myself right.

  6. D:

    My greatest challenge is being genuine and honest. I was brought up by parents who would lie to me, and it is natural for me to not tell the truth if it is something that might hurt someone or makes me look bad. Probably because I feared being a failure to my parents, so I would lie to them about how well I was doing. I try to be very conscious and honest now. It is a challenge.

  7. JennyLynn:

    To love myself.

  8. Maya:

    i agree with JennyLynn

  9. Live with the endless cituations I can not control, and try to bring the best of me in my controlable range 😉

  10. danceportal:

    to accept/love myself finally.

  11. Jo:

    To step into the future, leaving no trace of the person I once was.

  12. gabs:

    What JennyLynn said.

  13. Dusty:

    Doing what I want to do.

  14. April:

    Oo, I don’t like thinking about this. Probably having the backbone to maintain virtue. It’s just scary.

  15. Micki:


  16. AR:


  17. Annie:

    just letting go and to stop worrying

  18. Z:

    myself. closely followed by my family

  19. Macey:

    loving myself.

  20. Sabrina:

    To not become pessimist about the future of the world, and therefore of my own future.

  21. Megan:

    Overcoming myself and my fears

  22. Nick:

    Breaking my bad habits and going back to God.

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