Question 113

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18 Responses to “Question 113”

  1. Delilah:

    being happy.

  2. Candice:

    @ Delilah, true that. Happiness.

  3. Lucy:

    Achieving your goals, being pleased with the person you have become, and having many pure moments of happiness

  4. moca:

    I would say happiness and any improvement even if it is a very small amount of improvement.

  5. If you can make a positive difference in others lives (and your own) every single day, I believe that there is no greater definition of “success”. And I’m going to agree with everyone so far and also say: true happiness.

  6. a viv:

    being happy to doing what you do everyday of your life

  7. Cassi:

    When you’re happy doing what you do.

  8. Elvira:

    For me, succes is the feeling of being alive, of loving myself and other people. It’s the feeling I get when I feel that every cell in my body is alive, it is the smile on the face of someone you love and the smile on a strangers face when I happily say ‘good morning’ on the bus. It’s the feeling that nothing can take that happy feeling away.

  9. Effectively delivering value to somebody’s actual life 🙂

  10. Nelvin:

    Success is when something you wanted so bad was fulfilled and all the pain and suffering goes away.

  11. Romer Jed:

    Is knowing that what you strived hard to work for is rewarding in all aspects and not just one solitude area.

  12. Khalid:

    Success is enjoying every moment of life and nature’s bounties.

  13. Jason:


  14. April:

    Achieving your dreams.

  15. Kay:

    Being with the ones you love.

  16. Megan:

    Realizing that there’s nowhere you’d rather be than where you are now

  17. Nick:


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