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  1. Eps:

    Yes and No. I don’t think it should matter when you will die. Each day should be celebrated as if it were your last. But there’s still the curiosity about which day will be your Deathday.

  2. Abbey:

    I would want to know because then I feel like death would feel more real than it does right now, maybe I wouldn’t take the time for granted quite so much. I think maybe fear of failure would cease to be a concern although it shouldn’t exist as one. Yeah, I believe it would be a better choice for me to know than not.

  3. Cassi:


  4. Elvira:

    I wouldn’t want to know. I don’t want knowing the day I’ll die to be the reason to start living. Knowing I’ll die one day should be enough to live like every day could be my last.

  5. blindedbybeautyemo:

    i would. because i have a very unhappy life so if i knew and it was soon i would start to do things i havnt and try to change things.

  6. Why not 😉

  7. Sure! Then I would become the world’s best dare devil! Knowing when I would die would allow me to try all kinds of crazy stunts because I would know that I would not die!

  8. JennyLynn:

    Yes, I would want to know, because I think it would give me the perfect shove I need to do the things I’m afraid to do, and I would be happy for once.

  9. No. I don’t really need to know the deadline. I’m going to keep working way past the expiration date. I’m a terrible procrastinator anyway, so if I knew when I would die I would wait until the day before to start doing everything I want to do…

  10. Laura:

    Absolutely not. That would be awful! Then every morning I’d wake up and just thing oh.. # days until I die… That’s so depressing!!!

  11. sarah:

    no I wouldn’t want to feel sorry for myself and wonder how I died if i died early.

  12. Zsófi:


  13. Nelvin:

    Yes. 🙂 In reality, most people don’t value their life in the sense that they do things they don’t like to do. If I will know mine then I will make the most out of my life while I’m still living and maybe give a boost to the people who don’t know yet theirs.

  14. Yre:

    Absolutely not.

  15. I’ve thought about this one before…and I always end up back at the same answer: No.

    Part of the beauty of life is that it’s really a mystery. We wake up in the morning, and there’s no way to predict exactly what will happen over the course of the upcoming day. That leaves it up to us to make each day worthwhile. We can shape our lives in so many ways…and to me, that’s a gift. Personally, I wouldn’t want to live with an expiration date.

  16. lis:

    No, it would forbid me to open up to certain things, and push me to open up to others..

  17. Yes, absolutely.

  18. Emmy:

    Gosh no! I mean, I just think that would just create such a mentally tormenting environment. No matter what, that day will be in the back of your mind and every time you don’t get a job or things just don’t go right, your mind will immediately go back to that date and a little voice will tell you “You’re getting closer to your time…”.
    I mean I would hope that maybe you would be able to take it as encouragement to live life to the fullest, and always remember how short it is. But that might also make it harder to focus on long term projects without getting restless and worrying about knocking the next thing of your “bucket list”.

  19. Gabbo:

    I would. It’s pathetic that it would become my reason to live, but I’m too damn curious for my own good. Whether it be tomorrow or sixty years from now, I’d like to prepare myself mentally and spiritually.

  20. Natalie:


  21. Romer Jed:

    Curiosity killed the cat. So I would like to know, even if the answer would scare me.

  22. Lua:


  23. Sarah:

    This question I’m sure of without a doubt. Yes.

  24. Heather:

    No.. because then I would spend the rest of my life waiting to die.

  25. April:

    No! That’d be so creepy. I would rather live happily and not be able to count down until my doom. haha!

  26. Kay:

    Hell NO!

  27. Omar:


  28. Mandie:

    Yes! Then it would be like in Big Fish and I would know that no matter how hard and rough things seem to be that I would survive it all untill my time.

  29. Don't Tell the Boss:

    No. You could change the course of your life and die sooner. DESTINY, baby! It’s all destiny!

  30. Gracie:


  31. Chrys:

    Absolutely not. I’m happier not knowing.

  32. Raven:

    No. Life losing meaning if you know that end.

  33. Lulu:


  34. Janie:

    I would. I’m curious to a fault normally, and with such a significant date in question, I would want to know. Would give me a deadline to get things done…and I work very well under pressure. 😉

  35. Sabrina:

    I would’nt take the next seconds,hours,years,for granted no more. And maximize the time as best as I can.

  36. Rebecca:

    No. I’d feel better not knowing.

  37. Jessica:

    Yes, I would like to know. But, i don’t think I would want the exact time. Maybe just like the
    month or year I will die in. Not the exact date.

  38. kena:

    I was thinking like Jessica at first(I wouldn’t want to know the exact day), but once I thought about it, it seems worse, because then you spend that entire year fearing that you will die!

  39. Nick:

    Yes, because I want to know if I’m ready to feel the pain of death and leave my loved ones.
    No, because I want to be surprised and not be bothered by the thought of it while I’m still living.

  40. Yes,I want to die with dignity…ready and at peace to see the other side.

  41. Julie Takase:

    Yes, I’d want to make sure to tell everyone how much I loved them and my best memory of them

  42. Kristen Deneuve:

    Yes. I’d stop worrying about dying.

  43. That’s a wise answer to a tricky qutseion

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