Question 115

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  1. Zsófi:

    I always try to see all the so-called “little things” (I don’t agree with this term, there are no “little things”, they are the big things), that’s why I’m keeping a blog of 1000 things that make me happy, to remind me that life is full of wonderful things each moment. I try hard to celebrate life every day :).

  2. Lucy:

    I have recently begun to try harder to look for beauty, as it is everywhere. It surrounds people like a cocoon, and if you look closely, you can find it on every tree branch, in every face, in the sky. Outer beauty in nature, and inner beauty, in the way people act, are always around, if you look for them.

    Cool idea, Zsofi!

  3. Jacob:

    repeat question.

  4. I find myself constantly realizing that I am more fortunate than so many others on this planet. The opportunities I’ve been given are incredible…and I try to always keep this in mind. Most of the world’s population deal with troubles I can barely imagine. My daily troubles pale in comparison. I find it quite easy to “miss” that in my daily life. But when I do stop to think about it, it is one of the most motivating things imaginable.

    @Zsófi – The next time you post, you should post a link to your site! I’d love to check it out! (Unless, of course, it’s a private blog just for you.)

  5. My family. Lately I have been trying to add what is actually important to me back into my life….Going to college has definitely put my family on a back burner for no reason.

  6. Laura:

    I actually notice quite a few of the little things.
    The flowers on the side of the highway are my favorite. Even amongst the litter people carelessly throw out their windows, there’s these little yellow flowers that always catch my eye. Some people would consider them as weeds, but I think they’re beautiful.

  7. Gabbo:

    I don’t often see how much other people love me, but rather I think that they don’t. I’m also not seeing all the possibilities that lie in front of me, even though I’ve just graduated from high school and have 5 years to make a great person out of myself.

  8. Meg:

    I am not seeing the tears, I am not seeing the dirt on the bottom of my feet, I am not seeing how well I fake smile at my moms cooking, I am not seeing the clock hands tick, I am not seeing the chips in the paint of the walls, I am not seeing the scuff marks on the floor, I am not seeing the black in the sky, I am not seeing myself frown, I am not seeing the cracks in the sidewalk, I am not seeing the sad parts, I am not seeing what is beneath my feet, I am not seeing what is behind me. Perhaps, the more important question isn’t what don’t you see, it’s what won’t you see?

  9. Kayla:

    The details. I try to rush through my days, hoping the future will be better, but by doing this I’m just missing out on so much. There’s so much in the here and now that I overlook…

  10. Holly:

    If i knew what i wasn’t seeing, I’d know to look for it…

  11. April:

    The small things.

  12. Don't Tell the Boss:

    Now that I’ve slowed down to take a gander and look around everyday and appreciate the little things, I see that we are all in way too much of a hurry. Not me. I’ve become a turtle in the rat-race and I dig it.

  13. BJ:


  14. Janie:

    I often miss the fact that I’m so blessed. I have parents that love me, a brother that’s going to grow into a good man, a best friend that loves me for everything I am and everything I’m not. How I can miss this so often is totally beyond me.

  15. Ris:

    I’m not seeing how much I miss texting my sisters about my day, agnrily venting, and how they would only send one word replies to my 5 page long messages. Not because they didn’t care, but because they didn’t want to waste our time coming up with things to say that wouldn’t make me feel better, but so I could continue my story faster and start to feel better about letting it out.

  16. kena:

    How can I answer this question if I don’t see it(whatever I am not seeing)

  17. Nick:

    The love of my parents and God.

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