Question 117

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  1. Becca:

  2. kate: …so inspiring.

    I love their latest post: 18 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Was 18

  3. Cassi:

    To Write Love On Her Arm’s article, Flowers To The Sea.

  4. blindedbybeautyemo:

    and this website 🙂
    please go the these websites, they helped me so much and i love them.

  5. Laura:

    GMH, LGMH, Sixbillionsecrets, and makesmethink

  6. me:

    all of these thoughtquestions

  7. Lucy:

    Blindedbybeautyemo, same as you. And makes me think. and

  8. Ditto what kate said. MarcAndAngel’s “18 Things” article.

  9. S:

    TED has some very interesting and thought-provoking topics. Aimee Mullins has always has inspirational talks.

  10. Lua:

    Make me think 🙂

    and some posts from:

  11. JennyLynn:
    Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen

  12. Romer Jed:

    ^^^ All of the above ^^^

    And all that will follow.

  13. Leah:

    I also LOVED the 18 things post. It was so inspiring! I’m only 20, so it’s kind of beneficial.

  14. lis:
  15. erin:

    Quotes by Dr. Seuss..
    “Life’s a great balancing act.”
    “If you never have, you should. These things are fun and fun is good.”

  16. April:

  17. Omar:

    I’ve just finished reading 2 articles on ‘Marc and Angel Hack life’. They gave me some kind of peace and relaxation. Thanks to Marc and Angel.

  18. Becca:
  19. Ana:

    these questions inspired me …I am going to use them in class.

  20. Emma:

    Six Billion Secrets
    Makes Me Think
    To Write Love On Her Arms

  21. Gracie-Lou:

    this website 🙂

  22. Jomz:

    Quotes that I’ve read.

  23. kena:

    These questions really makes me feel that my fear of rejection(main reason why I am socially awkward) is just a fear that I need to stand up against. So I have to say these questions.

  24. Nick:

    This website. I’m learning from other people and also myself.

  25. Taylor:

    this website. 🙂 its nice knowing other feel the same.. and im not alone

  26. Oana: Lets me know what he really feels when I`m so far away from him

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