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  1. I have a couple answers for this.
    Somewhere along the way, people started to ask the wrong questions, and therefore came up with the wrong answers.
    People want things to be convenient for them, so they bend the ideas so they suit them best.
    The unity may be considered to be among the religion, and if someone doesn’t join, that’s why they’re separated.

  2. kev:

    An interesting question. Certainly thought-provoking.

    If nothing else, it’s a strong reminder that although we have our differences, we need to be open minded and respectful of all shapes, colors, sizes, and ideas.

  3. Cassi:

    Because every single religion thinks that they’re the right religion, teach that the other religion will get you to Hell, Underworld, wherever; and they try to preach to that other religion, even if it resorts to some extreme measures.

    Then it causes hate.

    Because being different is “wrong” apparentally.

  4. Lucy:

    Because every religion teaches that is it right, and that, therefore, all other religions are “wrong”. Apparently, in order for one to work, all others must be destroyed. People think that in order for one thing to be “right”, everything else is wrong, and against God, Allah, etc.

  5. Candice:

    The world is imbalanced, always trying to find equilibrium… not one thing can exist without it’s opposite.

  6. Bill:

    Simple, it’s because Satan has deceived the whole world,
    and Mankind [personkind :-(] wants to do things their way

  7. Because humans have an inate urge to find what is different about themselves rather than look at how very much is similar. How does everyone know that we are all not worshiping the same God in different ways anyway? Why do some atheists have to be mad that other people believe in something? Why do people who believe in something have to be mad at atheists? People tend to want control over things that are impossible to control and neglect the things that they should control: The amount of love they spread among their fellow human beings. You cannot change someone’s mind, nor should you try; think of how hard it is to change your own.

  8. erin:

    “Why do religions that advocate unity divide the human race?”

    -Hypocrisy. I’m really struggling to figure this one out. As a Christian, I really have a hard time understanding why my fellow brothers & sisters in Christ want to come up with so many different denominations, rules, and legalism. Nowhere are any of those topics discussed in the Bible, in fact, during the time of Jesus, and afterward, his messages and followers did nothing but include everyone around them. We are sinful by nature, but if you are professing to include everyone in your religion, and then create divisions intentionally, you are a hypocrite.

    Great question.

  9. Because ultimately religions are not about unity. Faith is about Unity. Religion is about organization, and when their is man-made organization individual Faith is lost. Faith is about you and your God, and working out in the real world the vision he works out in your heart, individually. That vision is available through meditation and prayer, and then shaped through constant contact, what Paul referred to as “prayer without ceasing”. Religion is about organizing a community around a cause, the “god-club.” Faith is just me and my Saviour, and how I can come to grips with the circumstances He has engineered for me.

    It is also important to note that society has turned celebrity into a religion. Celebrity is about division; who is better looking, smarter, and more of the celebrated “ideal personality” for the masses to “worship”.

    I don’t think religion advocates unity, at all. In fact, at least one religion celebrates division, and the murder of those who don’t convert.

    I am not religious. I hope I never become religious. What I strive to do is keep the Faith.

  10. Justin:

    It is because once other religion are formed, they don’t want to admit that they might be wrong. Because if they are wrong, then they will be scared about what will happen after death or never finding the answer to their questions about life.

  11. Person_96:

    Even as I follow my religion, I do not hesitate to find flaws and point them out. People should create their views upon the world by their environment and by learning from the world around them not by encasing themselves in faith and never looking up.

  12. Charles Warren:

    Keyara is right. Why do Atheists think all people who have faith are dumb? Why do they try and make us all seem crazy for believing in something greater than us? Why do people of faith say that atheists are self absorbed a-holes? Why can’t they understand that it’s hard for them to believe? No one should look down on anybody for believing or not believing. If you do your a horrible role model and human being. Everyone has the right to choose as long as they respect others opinions on the subject.

  13. Cody:

    Truth is truth; if something “is”, then it “is.” We don’t know all truth, and therefore come to false conclusions on some matters. Mankind can only be unified if everyone unites in truth or in falsehood; truth is obviously better.

    The trick is finding the source of truth that is reliable.

    I’m so glad that to have found it.

  14. Jennifer:

    All religions EXCEPT Taoism

  15. wes the philosopher:

    Ego—All mans divisions are related to the ego, and by ego, I mean mans believe that he is seperate from his source. Somehow mans ego has seperated us from our source. When man uses his intelligence, and believes that he “on his own” we as humans begin division. We are all part of our source, and when our souls transend this body, we will all return to our source.

  16. Leon:

    That’s an easy question. Because of wrong interpretation.

  17. Phenethylamine:

    because humans rely on the need to feel superior and unified with someone else, but in order to feel superior and united within one group, they must find another group which can be associated with inferiority and disharmony. It’s precisely the same reason that religion maintains to this day.

  18. April:

    I don’t feel it is often the fault of the religion, but the problem of a lack of love in the hearts of society.

  19. Raven:

    Because everyone thinks their religion is the correct one. People do not want to think they might be wrong or there could be a different interpretation.

  20. Nick:

    Some people just believe in other gods and deities and others disagree their practices or even their existence. It really doesn’t matter if you believe in God or Allah or Buddha or other gods. Though having different practices and beliefs, they only have one message: LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

  21. because it remain a human construct.

  22. James:

    To those saying that all religions preach that every other religion is wrong: You haven’t looked very far or deep, have you?

    So many religions preach acceptance of others’ beliefs. The problem is that most of these religions aren’t mainstream. Why wouldn’t such a positive religion not be more mainstream? Simple. They’re not going around shoving their beliefs in the faces of their neighbor’s children.

  23. Gabriel:

    it’s not the Religion that separates people but the people of that religion that mis-read they’re religion. the basic roots of all religions are to be a good person to other people and do good in the world. so I guess the real question should be, Why have people lost sight of what TRUELY matters? the love and relationships that develop through a healthy religion

  24. Oana:

    Because a lie will always separate people

  25. Zalpha:

    Religion is, at its core, a lie. Whether it originates in mental instability or in malice, religion is an unprovable and easily disproved world view. It is a judgement structure, a form of tribalism. It was never designed for unity or peace. It adds yet another thing one can point at and say, “They are different. Their god has a different name.” It’s an argument over whose imaginary friend is better.

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