Question 122

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  1. Cassi:

    I am…


  2. Candice:

    a perfect example of dichotomy.

  3. gabs:

    I have no clue.

  4. lis:

    a good girl

  5. A member of this beautiful human race. I am nothing and everything, minuscule and large, different but exactly the same as everyone else, and I’m loving every second of it!

  6. I am the exact opposite of my idly cast titles.
    I am a singular individual yearning to cast away my daily masks; I am a wandering soul bound to 206 dust-white bones.
    I am simply one of billions, and yet I am me, just me; at the risk of voicing an ego I must confess that I have never once existed and shall never occur again… not here, not on this same green land.

    I am an anomaly, I am a life-changer, I am a creator and a vagabond and a guardian angel.

    You ask me who I am.
    I respond: I am nothing more than everything I choose to be.

  7. Sam:

    I am no one. Without the titles given to me, I don’t know who I am. I don’t know who I could be.

    And that’s what freaks the hell outta me.

  8. I already got pretty much given tags, why I need to give another label myself?
    I think I will just keep acting as who I misteriously am without worrying much about the definitions 😉

  9. Anne:

    I am a girl with big dreams, who worries way to much 😛

  10. Sheri:

    I am nothing but a body, a soul, a mind, a heart, and the title which I give myself: a dreamer.

  11. Laura:

    I’m shy, but strong. I’ve been through a lot, but I still have a smile on my face. I’m amazing at hiding my feelings. I laugh every day and I love my friends more than anything. I like to stand out in my own unique way, and I love who I am.

  12. Kay:

    I am a hopeless romantic, a lost soul, someone with a heart so big that’s been filled specifically with one person since I’ve met him. I’m a friend who gives advice, but at the end of the day, is lost herself. I am a person who craves attention, not because my family never gave it to you, but because I want to feel loved. And I am a girl who is scared to death of the world and love, but has to force herself to get up and face it each day.

  13. Romer Jed:

    Everyone always knows me as the ‘Nice Boy,’ ‘The Kind One,’ ‘The Saint,’ ‘The Caregiver,’ ‘The Outspoken One,’ ‘The Chivalrous One,’ ‘The Chubby Asian,’ ‘Pikachu,’ and others…

    But I am really shy and easily embarrassed, I care too much about people to a point where I hurt myself, I find myself believing that I’m worthless and trash, but most importantly… I am me, and only me.

  14. Malinda:

    I don’t know who I am. I try to be who the world thinks I should be. But never quite figure it out.

  15. Tori:

    heart broken and confused still trying to figure out who I am but not sure if it is really me or just conforming to the ways I was raised by.

  16. Jamiera:

    I am whatever you want me to be and I am whatever I want me to be. I am the ideas that you envision and the ideas I see in my self. I am who ever you need. I am not who, but what you long for. Because even as a stranger when you pass me on the street, it is your own mind that creates a vision of me, and who I am is only dependent on what you believe, on what your own imagination will allow you to see.

  17. Rachel:

    I’m confused, and i’m flawed, and i wish i was perfect, or more..better.
    But, i try and i think, i am the girl that tries, and i always want to try.

  18. Jennifer:

    I am a lost, scared, flawed human being. I’m me. I know that I am broken, but I live despite it, knowing that it doesn’t matter. I am overcoming dysthymia. I’m winning.

  19. Inka:

    a scared lion.

  20. sab:

    I am strange/different/dramatic/unique/flawed/kind. And so much more then I have yet to know.

  21. April:

    Me… I’m much of a lover, not much of a fighter. I’m flawed, but beautiful. My heart has good intentions, but often hurts out of being so full of love. I’m a happy person and I love the little things. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Love is the most beautiful thing there is.

  22. Samantha:

    that is what i would like to know

  23. Macey:

    a little hurt girl.

  24. dani:

    i dont know. i changed and hidden so much i cant tell myself from the fake.

  25. a Light being living in a human body! An Energy of Gods Unconditional Love!

  26. Nick:

    I can say, taking my zodiac animal, the lion, that I’m a fearful lion. I can appear and be tough and strong but inside, I can be sensitive and scared. Some people thought that I don’t have a heart but what they don’t know, I feel guilty after offending someone. I easily forgive. I’m wild yet shy. I’m tough yet sensitive. I’m me.

  27. Tara:

    i am no one. i am nothing. i am only “me” based on the labels of those connected to me.

  28. Miff:

    An empty cast, a lifeles body, a lie to human race, a Miff

  29. brit:

    i am a mess..

  30. caleb d:

    Who is Caleb D……hmmmm……Well, he is a self-recognized not proclaimed; deep thinker….or at least he thinks. I mean how deep is deep….whoa, deep. No just kidding. Well he’s clearly funny, or at least that’s what I thought. He tries to be honest, but I know he protects himself first. If that helps you understand him or me…depending on how you read this. He thinks of her first, she knows who she is, but feels like he’s hurting the team. So at least he’s cognoscente in trying to contribute, to her, to life, to society, to strangers he meets, to family, and to himself….mostly to himself. So I guess he’s selfish then too, but feels like a homeless man can’t be a philanthropist. So in yet another turn, he feels awkwardly responsible to be selfish so he has more of everything to give back to anyone. Again, a deep thinker, at least that’s what he thinks, from the hand writing in his book he write like a kindergartner, but from reading it a gifted writer with a great sense of humor and a facetious way of looking at life. He feels the feeling of being human now and again…now, for feeling arrogant for writing some of this and a bad person for the others. He is a drummer. I know it’s the only thing he can do without thinking about it other than breathing. He’s been a thief but never was caught. It goes all the way back to the “fish story” but that’s another story and I’m still writing this one. So he is also a story teller….everyone likes a good story. You could always ask his mom, which reminds me of his love for and blessed life because of his family. Ninety two plus on his dad’s side alone and he still has a close relationship with most of them. He loves his dog more than life itself but dreads and worries about the day he’ll die. So he often worries about stuff like that. As his name’s meaning suggests…”Faithful”…He is a man of great faith. He strikes me as an inquisitive person who sometimes over-analyzes things….well…maybe he does…? “Nothing makes sense until its on paper” for him, I know that for sure as I’ve read it three times in his book. Oh yeah, he keeps a book he writes in. Not a journal but a “his mind through a pen” type of book. He’s intelligent but whishes he had done better in school on certain things, as his mind works somewhat deductively, so the more he knows the easier it is for him to understand more. So, he’s also had some regrets. He is a hopeless romantic, but wonders about the “what if’s” from time to time. He is a good listener but his mind is always running, so he’s always thinking about what he should say. He doesn’t plan for meetings really, so that makes him creative and daring in my book. He says it helps to keep an open mind. He is a great communicator, sometimes I think he can over communicate, which is obviously relative to whom he’s speaking with, but there are people that he should just say less to. He always wants to learn, so that can make him argumentative…but I think it’s more of a “probing”, like asking “Why” in an adult version. After reading this I think he’s pretty self-reflective. He loves to entertain people. He’s easy going, not slow paced but takes the time to notice, reflect, and dissect the little things in life. He thinks they are some of the biggest. He would love to own a company or a business called “because life’s about the details.” He’s a sweetheart, he thinks of other people first, or at least he tries. He is or can be hyper. Not so much anymore. He’s 28, about 6’ 1”, brown hair, wears it kinda messy, 175 lbs, blue, green, or grey eyes….yeah they change, but they always have a little yellow circle around the pupil. He loves God but wants to know him better. He can procrastinate, but if confronted about it he’ll tell you “yeah, but they are uniting tomorrow.” He has a sister who is getting married in August. Which is kinda cool but I don’t think it will really hit him until he reads this. He loves the way his mind makes him laugh…which, again he’ll realize when he reads the last sentence. He loves life most of the time, but the other times make him realize how much work life is. So then he tries to try and work on it. I say tries to try because sometimes I don’t think he knows how to. He used to drink to much but last I heard he quit. He has always had a strong mind. He quit doing really hard drugs when he was about 21 after doing them for around 6 months. He just decided to quit and that was that. He thinks it’s simply about changing his unconscious mind’s mind. He’s never really been in a fight but thinks he could handle himself pretty well. He collects DVDs. He recently busted out his old Lego collection and started playing with them. His girlfriend picks on him for it….he thinks they’re just a 3D puzzle. He was born to do sales, PR, management, or marketing, but sometime wonders if he’d really be that good at it. He doesn’t like to read so I’m sure this is getting kinda long for him. He’s a visual/ interactive learner but thinks he use audio, visual, and interacting to truly grasp the depths of something. He went to a private non-denominational school K-12, graduated with 6 people in 2000. He is respectful and a problem solver. He knows a lot of people well, and as far as I know they all like him. He thinks most people he meets like him, but there’s no way to tell. He can be trusted; he is a hard worker if there are clearly defined, measurable, and obtainable goals. He loves people but can find himself stereotyping them once in a while. He tries to work on it…trust me; I know…he tells me about it every time he does it. He likes attention but won’t embarrass himself to get it….well; I have heard a few stories from his girlfriend. Gosh, after writing this I feel like maybe you had fewer questions about who Caleb was before you read this. I hope he’s not offended or embarrassed when he reads this. In retrospect I think I said more good than bad, not that that’s how you should measure someone but I know I said he tries to try and work on his issues. I could really tell you about him all day long but I think actions speak louder than words. You?

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