Question 123

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  1. mikhala:

    if i had 24 hours to do something and it would erace i would walk to the girls house that i like kiss her in front of her parents and see what they would do, because if they did do something it would be gone when the day is over and they wont remember what happened and i would find out if there mines would change after and if they did i would do it again to stop the war between them me and cadets

  2. Bethany:

    I would wake up early and tell him I’m sorry and that I love him. I would tell her boyfriend to be good to her and to help her be strong. I would ask her to tell them that I’m not selfish. I would cut and cut and cut, then drink as much paint thinner as I could get my hands on and wait where I knew they would find me in time. I would wake up in the hospital and confess the pain and the blood and the scars and the tears and the lonely emptiness that had haunted me for as long as I could remember. I would talk to a therapist. I would be with and hear from the people who really cared. I would create a story and tell it to everyone who would listen. Maybe I would be happy. And then time would run out and the day will start over again. I would smile and laugh and pretend that I was okay, there was nothing wrong. Nobody would know. It would be like nothing ever happened.

  3. Fran:

    i would tell him the truth.
    and then i’d go make out with the hot groom at my barn 😉

  4. Fernando:

    I’d walk right over to her house and have a good talk with her, also stating that I (technically) have 24 hours to live; thankfully, I’m known for being honest. I’d ask her what she wanted from me, ask why does she still talk to me if I annoy her so much, and finally apologize for her having to meet someone as fucked up as I am.

    As long as I get the answers out one way or another, even if I’ll redo those 24 hours, I’ll be at peace.

  5. I’d use all the money I don’t have to go somewhere that I never thought I could go…

  6. kaskf:

    Tell the guy I like I like him.

  7. Phoebe:

    I would do something so that the guy I like would know it, then I’d know if he likes me or not. If he does than I could do something later and hopefully get things going between us, and if he doesnt than I’ll stop wasting my time trying to get him.

  8. I wouldn’t.
    The many things, the daring and beautiful things I may attempt during those ephemeral hours, would ultimately become worthless once their time had passed. What does it mean to fulfill dreams, to live wishes, and then simply lose them all in a single eyeblink?
    The truth is, I would rather have the strength– the inspiration, even– to live those 24 hours without a rewind button at the end.
    The truth is, I would rather live.

  9. Carrie:

    It wouldnt matter…
    If the 24 hours were promptly erased… I wouldnt remember the day either…
    Knowing it would be erased you would think everything would magically change- but really it’s just a lost day- literally.
    I could drive those 500 miles to see him- tell him that I love him, that I have loved him since the moment we met- that I cant get him out of my head, he’s all I think about– and that I really dont mind that… and in this dream world where I can say and do whatever I please, he would say all the right things back– the screen would fade to black as the credits starts while we fall into bed and simultaneously in love… BUT in when we woke in the morning- he’ll have no idea why I’m in his bed, and I’ll think it’s just a dream… afterall, if it all gets erased, it really was nothing more than a dream.

    I could say all of the things I want to say, do all of the things I want to do– but if it all gets erased, it wouldnt matter, and it’s not worth it. I would much rather take a 24 hour challenge, in a world where I can remember… and do the exact same thing.

  10. Melinda:

    I would try things I’m to scared to do. and at the end of the day (like 11:50), I would jump off a high building just to fly through the air, and feel like a bird.

  11. Sam:

    I would tell her I love her, and always have. I would beat the crap out of him, for being mean to me all those years. I would show the world who I am and who I should’ve been this whole time. I would kiss her. I would tell him, and him, and her what I actually think of them. I would renew that friendship.

    But mainly, I would go up to “her”. She is the “one”.

    And to her, I would give her one last statement.

    “I love you.”

  12. simply treat it like a “tomorrow”, do what I would usually do after passed “today” 😉

  13. Blindedbybeautyemo:

    same as Bethany
    (btw: Bethany, dont give up hope, seek out help. im sure somebody will help you, if not your friends then maybe a councellor? (im not saying your phyco or anything 😀 im just saying it may be nice to tell someone?))

  14. Hana:

    I would flight to the other half of the world to meet the man I was ever attracted the most and see if he still attracted to me…

  15. Laura:

    I’d tell all the girls that bullied me the stuff I’ve kept inside since 7th grade.
    I’d ask him why he ignores me now even though we were such good friends.
    I would ask my first crush why he asked me out and then said just kidding after I said yes.
    I would do something crazy without letting my shyness get in the way.

    And then I’d probably forget all about it when the day started over..

  16. Romer Jed:

    I would… in this order…
    + Go to my best friend and tell her that I love her, kiss her and hold her close.
    + Go and treat myself to something nice and tell all my friends the truth about how I feel about them.
    + Take all the risks that I have always wanted to take and do all the crazy things I wanted to do.
    + Bring my wooden sword and challenge random people on the street to a duel.
    + Tell everyone how amazing they are.
    + And be truthfully honest about myself to everyone around me.

    But most importantly… I would not hide who I am.

  17. Malinda:

    I would explore my other side that I keep buried deep inside.

  18. Morgan:

    I would call Steven and tell him I love him. I would catch a plane to Saskatoon and drive back to that small little town I left him in two months ago, and spend whatever time is left in my 24 hours with him.

  19. Charles Warren:

    I would do everything that I haven’t done due to fear of rejection. Tell the girl I love her. Chase my dream that died b/c I wouldn’t put myself out there. Tell everyone about my fears. I would tell my father I’m afraid of him dying because he takes such poor care of himself. I would tell my Mom that she is the most amazing person to ever walk this earth and that I owe her everything. I would not fear death, injury or rejection. I would just fear the next day.

  20. Danielle:

    … I think i would just take the day to talk to the love of my life. I would tell him that I really want to have a family with him someday, and it makes me sad knowing he doesn’t want children, and ask if it was with me, if his mind would change. I would say I think he would be a great father, encouraging our children to read much, learn more, and roar like bears.
    I want to ask him what would he say if I said we should get married. I would want to confess that I loved everything about him, even his snoring that reminds me of my mom. I would tell him anything that came to mind.

  21. all of you:

    I would reach out unnecessarily to an estranged-partner. Major future change toward better. Then die, bc you only had a 24 hour fantasy. That can’t be all that matters.

  22. Alex:

    I’m running away… with him. We’ll experience freedom at its highest… We’ll rip and run through our hometowns with our parents credit cards.. I’ll tell him more.. about everything that I’d rather not say in the present day…
    we’ll do everything we’re forbidden to do, we’ll just be free.

  23. Rachel:

    I’d admit my feelings.. I’d face my fears. Well, that fear.
    And then go from there, but 24 hours wouldn’t be enough.

  24. Jennifer:

    I would tell everyone I know that I am bisexual. I would tell the person I have loved for years that I love him. I would live. I would tell the person I hate that I’ve hated her for a decade.

  25. Tiff:

    I would break onto that boat like I’m some sort of female Sam Fisher, kidnap the love of my life and spend the rest of the day lying on the beach having very public sex, then right before midnight jump out a plane with no parachute.

  26. kay:

    i would eat. for the first time in four years, i’d eat without feeling guilty and with no regard whatsoever to how many calories I was consuming.

  27. Kate:

    I don’t need 24 hours. I just want to be able to tell him I love him, and know he won’t reject me.

  28. addy:

    I would talk to the guy I’m in love with and flat out ask him what his honest opinion of me is because I’m tired of feeling like our entire friendship is a front. He has known for a while now exactly how I feel about him and hasn’t made any move to do anything in return, therefore I feel as if he feels nothing for me at all. But he confuses me by so many different things that he has done and I would just try to make him be honest with me. I would want to know if I’m just wasting my time by loving him or not and I’d want him to tell me without being worried about hurting my feelings or that he’s obligated to be nice to me because of all that I’ve done for him. I would tell him everything that has been driving me insane the past year and even if it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to, at least I could be more at peace and try to move on by knowing how he feels.

    I would also tell a certain member of my family exactly what I think of everything he has done to our family and how I hate what he has become.

    I would go out and sing and dance and do all the things I’d love to do but am too self conscious about.

    And finally I would kiss the guy I love even if it’s the last thing I do that day because in over 20 years of being alive, that’s one feeling I want to experience more than anything else before I die.

  29. Tara:

    Tell everyone that they mean the world to me.

  30. Namunyak:

    Kiss the boy.

  31. Casie:

    I’d go to the lesbian bar and take someone home for a one night stand.

  32. Inka:

    I would do all those crazy shit like go to guy’s bathroom and pee, wear mustache and go somewhere, kiss random boys and girls, go for a treasure hunting with my friends included. Act like crazy.

  33. Samantha:

    i would drink, smoke weed, have sex with that guy, brake the law, kiss a girl, i would do anything

  34. Anon...:

    Instead if waking up before everyone and playing the wii, I should have had a shower and looked more presentible, made sure I made lunch for my brother and I earlier and know that there was a minor emergency that would result in my best friend shaking while holding her and not having to let go of her just because the has browns were burning.

  35. Emma:

    I would leave my school at 5:45 in the afternoon, make the 15 minute drive to my sisters’ high school, watch their dance routine, surprise them both by showing up when they didn’t expect it, apologize for how I’ve been, drive 15 minutes back to my school, and run back into the gym right before my band has to play the opening song to our holiday concert at 7.

  36. Macey:

    i would tell everybody what i really think of them.
    i’d go straight to that boy and kiss him.
    tell my parents how much i love them.

  37. Raven:

    I would tell my best friend that I’ve had an on and off crush on him since I broke up with my ex over a year and a half ago. We dated once, but I didn’t like him like that at all back then. I wonder if he still has any feelings like that left for me….

  38. kena:

    I wouldn’t tell my love that I love him, beause it takes away meaning from when he really tell me and can still remember the next day. The same thing with having my first kiss.(It means nothing if they don’t remember it)I would probably act more outgoing, because I am socially awkward. o.O
    Also I would ask people to honestly tell me what they think of me.

  39. Nick:

    Go on an adventurous trip with my friends and try out new things.

  40. jsavanahs:

    I’d pack my bags, grab the people that mean the most to me, and travel to another country. Somewhere truly amazing, that I’ve only dreamed of; and have the time of my life.

  41. Die:

    i would do everything bad that i could without going to jail i would just let lose do embaressing things in public i would talk to everyone and everyone i seen i would curse at my parents, tell them im a lesbian and proud of it i would kick the shit out of my bitch ass older sister and the next day i would go back to being the quiet innocent little girl i pretend to be..

  42. Joleen:

    I would go to my teammates and would say everything I hated and everything I wanted to change about my relationship and what I really wanted for the next two months. And I probably would kill myself. I would NEVER do that. I’m thinking about it a lot. But I would never end my life like that, because of everyone I love and of all my dreams I’m having.
    Anyway I could start all over again, I think I’d do that.

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