Question 124

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16 Responses to “Question 124”

  1. asukaji:

    No. “Laplace’s demon” can not be exist.
    If we want to know something, we have to touch it. If we touch it, our hands inevitably change it.

  2. seemed it need to be challenged *quite* continuously before it can be called as a “truth” 🙂

  3. kaskf:

    Yes, its called faith.

  4. Sheri:

    No. Many times the truth is subjective. Other times it must be proven. And yet other times it must be debated. It must always be questioned. The right questions lead to the right answers. Doubt can be a blessing.

  5. Romer Jed:

    Can I know the answer behind this question without first forming my own thought? Without first contemplating and deriving an idea? No.

    Anything worth believing in or worth knowing comes with a price and effort. So you need to challenge yourself to create your own truth.

  6. AnonyMOUSE:

    Well, truth is, I’m a female. Never have I challenged that fact.

  7. Jennifer:

    Yes. Some truthes come naturally. Sraight people, once they get past the they-have-cooties phase, know that they are attracted to the opposite gender. Gay people, however, have to challenge what was taught to them as a truth to acchieve truth. Some truthes must be challenged, while others are apparent.

  8. Becca:

    everything is possible, its just much harder to not challenge things.

  9. Namunyak:

    Absolutely not. I believe in questioning everything, and will continue doing so until the day I die because I don’t think complete truth can ever be understood. That’s the beauty of life- never having all the answers.

  10. Raven:

    Truth is individual. You can only grow if you constantly challenge what you call truth.

  11. April:

    Maybe, but I think you appreciate the truth more if it must be challenged. It’s all in the opposition, right?

  12. Lulu:


  13. Megan:

    No. It’s like with religion: you can never be truly firm in your beliefs until you’ve questioned them

  14. Raven:

    No. I don’t believe anyone can truly blindly accept anything. Even those who seem to have a nagging doubt they just push so far back in their minds and try to ignore.

  15. Nick:

    Yes, if you’re willing to accept it. 😉

  16. Julie Takase:

    According to Plato, no. Your truth, your knowledge of what is, can be very different than what is.

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