Question 126

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  1. K.:

    Anything.Like a simple hug when your down.A little letter saying that your amazing.Basically the little things can make anyone and everyone smile.Either for that day or just for five seconds 😀
    Everyone should have a smile on their Face.Perfect smile or imperfect smile ,doesnt matter JUST SMILE!Your amazing no matter what.Dont change because then you become less amazing.Haha Just keep a big smile on your wonderful face 🙂

  2. easy74:

    This question

  3. Tay:

    A hug.

  4. nothing. The beautiful thing about this world is that we are all different.

  5. Romer Jed:

    Anything and everything… everyone is different and everyone can find happiness in the smallest things as well as the biggest things.

  6. Lua:

    Today I heard a beautiful and nice words and every time I remember it I smiled and feel happy ^^

  7. annie:

    A real hug.

  8. Erin:

    When a little girl you’ve never met before tells you you’re pretty. Especially when you’ve looked in the mirror a million times and said “I’m so ugly.”

  9. Kay:

    I think it’s the simple things that can make you smile. Your favorite song on the radio, a call from your best friend, or even just another person smiling at you.

  10. Frances:

    Being with the one they love

  11. April:


  12. Tara:

    To know that somebody else cares

  13. AR:

    Friends: the people who honestly care, who will honestly listen, and honestly allow us to forget the bad.

  14. Annie:

    the little things like the perfect song at the perfect moment

  15. natalie:

    a nice weather day.

  16. anon:

    check out
    i have my own personal waaaaay too long list of this thats not online but there are some great ones there!

    You are ALL someone’s reason to smile. Each and every one of you!!!

    <3 & 🙂

  17. Nick:

    Being satisfied.

  18. Joleen:

    animals. And someone who loves you 🙂

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