Question 127

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28 Responses to “Question 127”

  1. easy74:

    Nothing more and nothing less than I owe people I like, love, respect, adore or feel sorry for.

  2. Tay:

    a chance.

  3. gabs:

    A break.

  4. Sheri:


  5. Abbey:

    To be healthy.

  6. Camille:

    The world.

  7. a plan and the respect that I give to others.

  8. Romer Jed:

    a sense of worth…

  9. Malinda:

    to make the most of each and every day

  10. lis:

    A chance, a break, a change

  11. freestylewalker:

    To let myself see me the way he does.

  12. Lua:

    Chance and to live a happy life and be thankful for every thing good in my life =)

  13. Tag:


  14. Victoria:

    To be happy.. To loose the weight.

  15. To be open about my sexual orientation.

  16. Jamie:


  17. kay:

    to see myself in all the different ways others see me

  18. Lydia:

    To get out of the abusive relationship with myself.

  19. April:

    Idk… It’s hard to say. I just need some relaxation. I need some new good friends and I need to take a chill pill or two or five.

  20. Micki:

    The content of this picture

  21. Tara:

    A break

  22. Weston:

    An apology

  23. Inka:

    a kiss. Impossible.

  24. sab:


  25. Z:


  26. Ris:

    Happiness and faith.

  27. Kat:

    Respect, more than Ive given.

  28. Nick:

    Self-esteem, confidence, trust and love.

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