Question 128

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  1. laya:

    Plane ticket: $885
    Salary deducted from 4 days of unpaid vacation from my job: $390
    Airport food and magazines for the 12 hour flight: $20
    Seeing my dad for the first time in almost 2 years and putting him in tears: PRICELESS

  2. Nic:

    Tickets to a concert: $55
    Plane ticket & transport: $92
    Randomly meeting with a friend and watching the very First concert of my favorite Band in this country: PRICELESS

  3. Valerie:

    Fedora: $15
    Movie tickets: $20
    Spending the day with my best friend for the first time: priceless

  4. Maddy:

    Train tickets: £20
    New outfit: £50
    Magazine for the journey, £2.30
    Getting to fall in love all over again, priceless.

  5. Erin:

    princess tiaras: $4 each
    pretty dresses: $20 each
    dinner at applebee’s: $24
    being silly with your two best friends: priceless

  6. Tiff:

    Gas money to drive to the mall: $5
    1.7 ounces of Mustang Blue cologne: $24
    Remembering what he smelled like the last time he hugged you: Priceless.

  7. Tay:

    Plane ticket to Japan -$1500
    Hotel in Japan- $400
    Food and other amenities- $200
    Seeing my Marine – Priceless

  8. Anonymous:

    Bus Ticket to San Antonio: $100
    Tax Return: $200
    Plane Ticket back home $300
    Getting to visit the love of my life for an entire week: Priceless.

  9. moca:

    Dress for my sister’s graduation: $20
    Gas money to drive there: $15
    Anxiety level throughout the night: very high
    The look on his face when he realized it was me (which led to our wedding): priceless

  10. Fernando:

    University residence: $4000
    Laptop: $1000
    Meal plan: $1100
    Being able to avoid her even though we’re in the same university: Priceless.

  11. JedHakuro:

    [Chris] 3 Pack of Yu-Gi-Oh Cards: $11.97
    [Ivan] Late-Night Dinner at Diner: $21.35
    [Megan] Mass Effect 2 Downloadable Content: $14.50
    [Gabs] 2 Small Coffees from Dunkin Donuts: $4.74
    Spending Time With Your Friends: Priceless

  12. Simone:

    Pool in a Box: $600

    Old towels from op-shop: $10

    Medical intervention: $0

    Giving birth to my daughter at home: Priceless

  13. Danielle:

    Bus Fare: 2.00

    2 Loafs of Bread: 2.70

    Having two hours of fun with him just feeding ducks: Priceless.

  14. Jasmine:

    Adoption fee for a cat:$100

    Cat toys and a bed:$20

    Never feeling lonely again: Priceless

  15. Vesper:

    Bus ride to Mexico: 30
    Expenses for a week: 100
    The look on his face when he sees me for the first time in months: PRICELESS

  16. Ruth:

    Bus fair: £5
    Bubble pots: £1
    Having a grumpy old lady smile and say we made her day: Priceless. :3

  17. April:

    Plane Ticket to Australia: $2000
    New iPod: $300
    Seeing a solider reunited with his true love: priceless.

  18. Annie:

    beach house: $700
    jet ski rentals: $50
    boogie boards: $20
    having an amazing day with my family: priceless

  19. Emma:

    Monster and a bag of puff corn: $4
    Box of Jello: $1
    Paramore shirt: $20
    Best belated birthday with friends: priceless

  20. Ali:

    Markers: $10
    Posterboard: $3
    Getting his trust back while working on a school project: priceless

  21. Ris:

    Zebra and Giraffe Key Chains: $5.50
    Red Stuffed Yoshi: $6.99
    Stuffed Monkey: $8.00
    Handwritten Letters Telling Them How Much I Loved Them: Priceless

  22. Nick:

    Everyday transportation: $15
    New design software and equipment: $4000
    Graphic design classes: $10000
    Being able to convey a creative message to people: PRICELESS

  23. :P:

    Ozzy osbourne tickets : £78
    Train tickets : £25
    2 bottles of wine : £20
    The best concert ever and a walk along the thames with my best friend : PRICELESS

  24. barb:


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