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  1. Sarah:

    Actually, yes. I need to let go of a past relationship. I can’t go on waiting until I know he’s happy before allowing myself to experience life again.

  2. I need to let go of the sexual and physical abuse I endured as a child. It’s just so difficult.

  3. Naman:

    I Guess I am.
    I start new task with high spirits and eventually fail to complete it as I don’t work enough for it.

    I am pursuing Red hat Certification, for the past 2 months I have been fooling around, infact I was fooling myself.

    But today I thought about that and with full determination, started to study with only one aim to clear the exam with confidence and with good grades.

    I guess I had been holding to my fears for long, but not any more 🙂 I know I can do it.

    Thanks for these though provoking questions. love your blog

  4. Sean:

    Guess so.

    I love a really close friend of mine… but she doesn’t feel the same. Its been nearly a year I’ve felt like this now, and now she’s in love with someone else, and she’s very happy with him. Guess I just need to let go and move on.

    Staying like this isn’t going to make me happy, and if I keep going on like this, I’m just going to end up ruining a really valuable friendship. If we can’t be together, then being friends is the next best thing. She’ll be happy, and in the end, that’s what I want most. So moving on is the best thing to do here.

    But I’ve been telling myself this for months now. Doesn’t make it any easier, does it?

  5. Anonymous:

    Yes, a past relationship. Thing is, I don’t know how I feel for him now. I say I hate him, but the truth is I think I still love him. He’s moved on, I just haven’t figured out how I can.

  6. bobby:

    Yes, of course. We all have our own skeletons in the closet.
    The trick is not allowing them to haunt us.

  7. Devyn:

    The fear that I’m not pretty enough. That I’ll be a terrible mother, wife, friend, daughter. All it is is fear so why is it so hard to let go?

  8. Joe:

    Sean – with you 100%. Except I think she might feel the same way. But i dunno. But i dont wanna risk finding out. But then nothing’ll happen that way.. She might find someone and i’ll be kicking myself for not doing anything.

    So why arent i doing anything..

  9. Afg:

    Yeah, my ex.
    as much as we still want to be with each other we know we cant
    we both have other people but are in love with each other
    I need to take that love somewhere else.

  10. Flower:

    You should never let go of anything. Just, move forward.
    Letting go is forgetting & why would we want to forget something that once made us happy?

  11. yes. but what would i have if i let it go?

  12. Delilah:

    I need to forgive you for trying to take your own life.

  13. April:

    Past mistakes. It’s hardest to let my own issues go.

  14. addy:

    I am holding onto a relationship that is never going to happen. This is the first person in my ENTIRE life I have ever admitted to their face how I feel about them. We are friends and he knows how I feel but he has made no effort to further the friendship so I should accept that he doesn’t feel the same way even if he’s never said the words to me. I need to let go and move on but I can’t.

  15. Mac:

    There guilt for not being there for him when he took his life.

  16. tom:

    who isn’t?

  17. Evan:

    The depression.
    The fear.
    The social strife.
    The anguish.
    The pain.
    The heartache.
    The fact that I love you more than you’ll ever love me.

  18. fenixdemilo:

    Pretty much. I had a childhood full of peer pressure, the worst social skills and the world making me feel like crap on a daily basis. I never did get over it, and it’s a main factor in every decision I make today, to the point that I’ve forgotten many positive things that I did before. I would give anything to move on from it all.

  19. A past relationship and so much stress lately that its so hard to let go… but i am starting a new relationship so that might help

  20. Aimee:

    Of course. We all hold onto the things we know, the things we are used to, things we should let go of. A moment in time can seem so trivial, but to some it may be the pivotal thing they cling to for a good part of their lives.

  21. Lauren:

    There’s really only one thing. My former best friend. I miss her, so much. I can’t let go of thinking that she’ll change and come back to me. I need her to be happy, and I don’t know if that will ever happen. I need to let her go.

  22. Amanda:

    Yes. Letting go is so hard for me. I know I have to though, it’s causing me so much unneeded stress.

  23. Rebekah:

    My heart. I’m afraid to give it up again.
    The pain he left me with.
    My family’s expectations of me.

  24. Ris:

    I’m holding onto the fear that something may have happened to her, and that I might never know until it’s too late.

  25. Roxy:

    This pointless jealousy and self doubt

  26. Diva:

    I was holding on to a stagnant love. It has kicked me when I’m down, and made me feel unworthy of simple things like happiness, but I let it go recently. Sometimes you finally let go of something because you’re tired of living the same way every day thinking that something’s going to change when it won’t.

  27. Megan:

    I so badly want to let go of this notion that he might care about me again. We were only together for a short time this past summer, but it was the first time I’d ever been in a real relationship. Though I know it can never happen again, I can’t help falling asleep every night to images of him and me together again.

  28. olga:

    i am a very nostalgic person, and i tend to hold onto even the smallest things. mostly people. past jobs – the co workers, classmates that i will never see again, etc. it’s just a natural reaction for me, although i wish it wasn’t.

  29. RubenRybnick:

    my damn job no worries though im hopefully getting a new one

  30. Nick:

    Yes, a lot.
    My fears.
    My doubts.
    My worries.
    My bad habits.

  31. The hope that my divorced parents will get back together ..

  32. Morgan:

    I need to let go of my love for my friend. I am falling in love with him, and he is in love with someone else. It can never be and it hurts me to much to hold onto.

  33. Lyris:

    I need to let go of my former best friend who back-stabbed me , took my only other best friend , and called me names , that my parents went through a horrible divorce , and he re-married a schizophrenic bi-polar woman that has custody of only one of her seven kids , that they technically kidnapped my sisters and I , due to the fact that they kept us when they weren’t s’posed to . That social services thought i was abused , because my nick-name was , and still is Monster , because of a game my mom and I used to play . And i have trust issues .

  34. Not any more…… When I was younger i used to hold on to a lot of things…. then I realised that it was just not worth the pain…..
    This feels so much better…its almost like new life to me ….lol

  35. Fallenstar:

    I should probably get rid of my resentment towards my fellow humans. And towards myself, at times. It would also help if I frank a little less. And smoked less pot. The creeping, untraceable, chilling, hidden hate towards my ex-girlfriend and my ex-very good friend who ran away with her should also go away. Will have to do something about that.

  36. Wizz:

    A coockie

  37. Jessica:

    I need to let go of all the bad things. The things that don’t matter.

  38. Alice:

    a lost friend

  39. Alice:

    not anymore

  40. Michael Hitchcock:

    Yes, totally.

    I need to let go of my twisted version of concern/compassion that keeps me from fully expressing my strength and abilities in front of the weaker or less skilled. No need to hide myself like that. I am actually humble and compassionate if someone has a problem, it is their problem. It’s just a long reconditioning to let go of the bad habit.

  41. Kristen Deneuve:

    Guess I am. Asshole friend.

  42. Yes.. Depression & Sad Memories ..
    Thinking of worthless issues ..

  43. Rachael:

    I hold onto everything… I hold on to my thoughts mostly… I try to forget them but they will not go away… I can’t seem to stop thinking of all the mistakes I’ve made and my past actions.

  44. Rowena:


    Thoughts. Past. Feelings. People.

  45. AM:

    I think I finally recently let it go!

  46. Gea:

    The negative self image I adopted in high school: that I am just never going to be as good as the next person.

  47. chichay:

    yes, i think i really need to let go of someone but i really can’t coz i think his really someone i need to talk about the things i can’t tell anyone else

  48. Heidi:


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