Question 129

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21 Responses to “Question 129”

  1. Fernando:

    I thought I’d never hate her nor stop liking her. That sure changed.

  2. Becca:

    Affording to attend a university without incurring major cost toward my parents. I did it mom and dad!

  3. Camille:

    Trusting a guy not to hurt me, emotionally or physically. But that’s changing now. I trust him.

  4. Anne:

    the one time I earned an A in my science class.

  5. no. I don’t believe in the concept of impossibility.

  6. Krishy:

    Yes I would feel if my parents agree to my choice ()

  7. JedHakuro:

    Impossible? What is impossible? As far as I’m concerned, anything is possible with effort, creativity, ingenuity, and most importantly perseverance.

  8. April:

    Ya. I thought I couldn’t be with the guy I love, but we’ve gotten back together.

  9. Micki:

    The day i landed an impossible on skateboard ^^

  10. Kelsey:

    like the adidas says: impossible itself says “i’m possible”

  11. Elly:

    cycling 220 miles for charity with two of my friends. we left and within the first hour id incurred an injury to my left knee – it dislocated. i carried on. we rolled into our first campsite at 11pm because of the speed dropping, we then got up at 5.30am to get back on track with times, we got to the next campsite at 11pm again that night, the same again for the next and final day. i fucking did it, even if EVERYONE told me to give up because it was doing more harm than good. we did those 220 miles, ive been in a plaster cast since.

  12. Sophie:

    Today, right now.

  13. Raven:

    Read any science news and you’ll find something that was deemed impossible even a few years ago.

  14. Ris:

    I thought I’d never let anyone stand in the way of my dream, or that I’d throw it away before we even tried.

    But I did.

  15. Linn:

    I never thought that I would earn the strength to break up with my abusive fiancé.

    I never thought that I would fall in love with a girl.

    But I did. And I left him for her.

  16. Raven:

    I never thought I would be able to go to a top school for both grades and financial issues, but I did.

  17. Nick:

    When I thought I would never make the cut for the honor roll last graduation.

  18. Oana:

    The day when I`d escape from my dad`s violance

  19. jsavanahs:


  20. Jess:

    the day i told my now fiancee that I thought he was cute and the next day he still talked to me

  21. When I asked a girl out and she said yes.

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