Question 130

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  1. xylene2301:

    because nothing is everything and everything is nothing.

  2. Aldo:

    All life matters.

  3. Luc:

    Because after years of evolution i’m sitting here with fully functional eyes, nose, ears and taste senses contemplating the fact that evolution took years to make me.

  4. Inka:

    because I am me. So I am unique.

  5. sab:

    For I can love my family, and make someone smile.

  6. Inge:

    Ik heb een steen verlegd in een rivier op aarde
    nu weet ik dat ik nooit zal zijn vergeten
    ik leverde bewijs van mijn bestaan
    omdat door het verleggen van die ene steen
    de stroom nooit meer dezelfde weg zal gaan

    This is a Dutch poem, and translated it means something like:

    I have transferred a rock in a river
    Now I know I will never be forgotten
    I gave proof of my existance
    because by the transfer of that one rock
    the stream will never be the same

  7. Ris:

    Because I can still make them feel better, even when I’m falling apart.

  8. Jessica:

    I don’t matter to myself, or my mother. I hardly think many people would come to my funeral if I died. People try to convince me otherwise, but I can’t seem to believe them.

  9. anon:

    EVERYONE matters. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. you are ALL loved!

    I matter because I’m part of “everyone”–and to all of you who think you don’t matter, I PROMISE you do! you really do have people who care about you and who you’ve touched simply by existing. And I don’t even know you, but I would be devastated if anything happened to any of you. People who know you would care even more.

    You matter <3

  10. Nick:

    I am unique in my own little way. I have something other people don’t. I’m different, and being different makes the world go round.

  11. Tara:

    i don’t matter. but to my mother i am the world.

  12. jsavanahs:

    I am a daughter, a grand daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, a best friend…I think that pretty much answers the question.

  13. Delilah:

    a tiny thing i did may have had a big impact, and if i never existed there would’ve never been the initial spark to cause the chain reaction. kind of like “a butterfly fluttering it’s wings can may cause a hurricane halfway around the world” or however that was worded

  14. mike:

    I matter not because I love, because those I love do not even know what I feel.
    I matter not because I am unique, because uniqueness applies to the least important object in the universe as well.
    I matter not because I am intelligent, because the truth is, I never quite get to a full understanding of anything at all.
    I matter not because of my integrity, because I change with time.
    I matter not because I dream and I am successful, because it has never satisfied me for an instant.
    I matter not because I try to be good, because my goodness can and has led to harm.
    I matter not because my mother loves me, because she also loves the most worthless cat in the universe.

    I do matter because pain exists in this world and it is a very bad thing. I am the best fucking doctor I know how to be and I can clearly see that a good and merciful God stands with me every day. He also works with me, within me and through me every day. He uses me like a rented mule sometimes, but I know that he loves me dearly. I am important to Him in a way that I never deserved.

    Please, people, if you do not know what this could be like, ask him to show himself. Then wait quietly and patiently for as long as it takes…

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