Question 131

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  1. Bethany:

    I started to hate myself.

  2. David:

    Same as Bethany…

  3. Jamiera:

    I learned to love myself and accept myself for who I am, but I also lost touch of feelings, and now I struggle to cry when I’m upset. I’ve learnt to respect the people around me and be more considerate, I have grown closer to my family but further apart from my friends. I’ve become wiser but at the cost of beliefs. I have discovered my identity, but I haven’t been able to express it in front of everyone.

  4. Laura:

    5 years ago, I was in 6th grade, and during that time I was bullied.
    It continued all throughout 6th and 7th grade, and I was miserable. Then I switched schools for 8th grade and promised myself I would forget about all the hurtful things people told me and just be happy.
    It worked. Now whenever I see the people who bullied me I’m not reminded of all the things they did, but of how it made me stronger. I’m now a Junior in high school and I have the most amazing friends and for the most part I’m always happy. I’m more confident and now my smile’s real.
    I love how I’ve changed 🙂

  5. JedHakuro:

    This’ll be a long one:

    + I found myself being more comfortable with my physical appearance.
    + I found friends whom I put my faith in and my trust in.
    + I learned that I am naturally kind, always giving, and sweet by nature… no matter how hard I try to change myself.
    + I became more adamant and less shy with who I am and whom I want to be.
    + Along the way I learned the meaning of sacrifice and that even as much as I try to deny it, I can’t help but give all of myself to things that important to me.
    + People think that I’ve grown in positive ways.
    + I became outspoken, happy, truthful and develop tact with others.
    + I suffered with the best and worst of them, and I stopped caring about stereotypes for the most part.
    + I lost my way many times and fell off the path more often then I would have liked, but I sincerely enjoyed most of the memories.
    + Even as emotionally fucked-up as I am inside, I am still looked to as a person for advice because I found myself walking with people whenever they feel alone.
    + I accepted that no matter how much I’m there for people, I’ll never be the person anyone thinks of first or loves.
    + I accepted that I’ll always be trash and the best way I can make myself useful is to do my best to make sure I’m not a burden to others.
    + I kept some form of innocence, which I project through my Pikachu. Pika!
    + I work hard and am lazy in everything.

    + BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, in the last five years, I found myself in everything I do, in everything I believe in, in everyone I met… I grew up too fast and at the same time too slowly. I am convoluted and distraught, but smiling and perseverant.
    I love too easily and hurt too much, but I do so because all I want to do is embody the idea that kindness can lead to happiness. If not for me, then for others.

  6. Laura:

    I lost hope. I don’t believe in much anymore. I used to be much more full of life. Not anymore. I used to be a “romantic”, but I learned there’s no such thing. Life is not what I thought it was going to be. I guess I’m disappointed.

  7. Jo:

    I have found God.
    I have been through and recovered from depression.
    I have made great friends, but I have lost many too.
    I have learnt so much more about myself.

  8. Lua:

    * I become more wiser.
    * now I look for life in another perspective.
    * I love my two Beautiful sisters much more than before ^^ . “Before I used to called them witches !!”

  9. Krishy:

    I’ve moulded my self a lot, learnt to give love, learnt to help my mom, learnt to be helpful to others, could understand many things around me though i remain as a layman in many things. just need god’s grace and help

  10. I learn to accept myself better, as who I exactly am.
    Now I am even sure that life just flows to its best place in the end 😉

  11. gabs:

    5 years ago in the last year of elementary school, I did something to someone that I regret and will regret for some time to come. 5 years later in the present, I did something else to someone else that I regret and will regret for even longer, most probably not forgiving myself, ever.

    I thought I grew up from that time, but I ended up doing it all over again, just with a different person, a different location, and a different way of hurting them.

  12. Tiff:

    I am a lot more insecure.

  13. kay:

    I’ve learned that you those silly teenage worries are nothing compared to those you have later in life. and you can’t always trust what you see with your eyes, sometimes you need a second opinion.

  14. Kate:

    Five years ago, I had just finished high school, and I was waiting to go to college that January.

    I’ve learned:
    – That people who initially seem like good friend prospects can be the ones who drag you down, and the people who aren’t the ones you initially want to hang out with will be the ones to pick you up and dust you off.
    – Classes aren’t the thing that count in colleges – people are.
    – Life is far more complicated than I ever imagined.
    – Maybe my parents had a few good points.
    – Don’t do what’s going to make you rich – do what’s going to make you happy.
    – Be true to yourself – don’t conform yourself to please other people.

  15. love:

    I was fucked up. Now I am hot.

  16. April:

    That’s so hard to say. I’ve gained confidence within the past five years. In my early teenage years I didn’t love myself or think I was beautiful, but I do now. I’m constantly learning and maturing. Idk, in life you’re always changing to make progress. Life would be ick if nothing ever changed.

  17. AR:

    I stopped being so damn awkward. It really killed me; the more awkward I was, the more I was bullied by those older than me.
    I realized who my real friends are. I used to hang out with the “popular” kids, thinking they were my friends, but they hardly even talked to me.
    I found that I love helping others, love the environment, and love learning about people.
    I found a drive inside myself to succeed, but that I am insanely jealous when others do it better.

  18. Mel:

    5 years ago I entered secondary school a shy, follower of a mean bully. I realised she was never going to change and found myself the friends that stand around me today. Now I have left secondry school. I’m an open, optimistic girl who smiles when she thinks of the future and ignores the scars on her arms. They are my past and my smile is my future.

  19. Monica:

    Hell yes. Its quite amazing how different I am. People don’t recognize me anymore.

  20. Sarah:

    The real question is, how have I not?

  21. sab:

    I finally stopped feeling sorry for myself, its time to live life.

  22. Raven:

    I found my first real friends and found acceptance, even if it was only from a few people. I found love and learned what it was like to have my heart broken. I’ve learned that it’s ok to not need to be social all the time and that there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert. I’ve learned to follow my heart and do what I believe is right even if it goes again the norm.

  23. Ris:

    I shattered my own dreams before anyone else could.
    I tried to tear myself away from them.
    I have realized they mean nothing to me once and for all.

    I realized I may have ruined everything.

  24. Sabrina:

    Get closer to God.
    Mature a lot.
    Learned to take responsibility for myself and the actions I made. And will do…

  25. Megan:

    I’ve gone from being alone and paralyzed by fear to being happy, having true friends, and willing to step outside of my comfort zone

  26. Nick:

    I somehow came out of my shell. I can talk to people now and laugh with them. I can socialize more. I’m more wiser than before. I became better than before.

  27. jsavanahs:

    Well, five years ago, I would have been twelve years old. I am now seventeen. Five years ago, I would consider myself a bit more sheltered, or protected if you will, than I am now. Now, I have more freedom, and I experience much more than I would’ve. The reason behind this is, five years ago…I was raised by my daddy, before he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away; and since then, It’s just been me and my momma. My daddy, was more strict, than my mother is. But you have to take into consideration, I was much younger when my daddy was alive. Anyway, freedom. That’s what changed me.

  28. mistie:

    I’ve gotten closer with God, I’ve learned what strength really is, I’ve become wiser in my decisions, I’ve thought and imagined more. I’ve tried to change myself a hundred times.

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