Question 133

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60 Responses to “Question 133”

  1. Z:

    I dont know what Im going to do in May when we all graduate and skatter about the country/world…

  2. Macey:

    being just who i am.

  3. Ris:

    I see me sitting on a beach in Australia, just watching the waves.

  4. Kat:

    My bed <3

  5. Raven:

    I used to call the place where I grew up my home even though it never was. It took me until almost a full semester of college was over to naturally start calling it my home. Home is with my best friend, where ever they are.

  6. Nick:


  7. Taylor:

    Tabusintac 🙂

  8. jsavanahs:

    The first thing that pops into my head, is my family. Regardless of where I am, if I have my family…then I feel as if I’m at home. Then again, sometimes home to me is somewhere I can lay my head at night and feel at ease.

  9. mistie:

    When I think of home, I think of unabashed comfort in something. It can be anything.

  10. hexmage:


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