Question 135

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  1. asukaji:


  2. gabs:


  3. Bethany:


  4. Camille:

    I don’t even trust myself with my life.

  5. a viv:


  6. Malinda:

    my husband is the only one I would trust since I don’t have any really close friends. But, I don’t completely trust him either.

  7. Anne:

    Riley & Claire.

  8. Two.
    My best friend, who is myself 😉
    My amazing friend who devoted herself in me, Mom~

  9. Sam:

    Three at most. Probably only one.

  10. Lottie C:

    I wouldn’t put that burden on them.

  11. lua:

    No one !!

    Because in every stage of my life I have new friends but the truth “I can called them enemies more than friends T.T “

  12. Cassi:

    None of them.

  13. Erin:

    two. maybe three, but i don’t think i’d want him to have it. so just two.

  14. Anonymous:

    All five.

  15. Anika:

    5. The best friends of life. I have been through so much shit with them. <3

  16. JedHakuro:

    I would trust anyone in the world with my life and happiness and hope they make the right choice; however, what I value more than my life with whom I would only share this with my ‘Four Pillars (4 Best Friends)’ are my dreams, my wishes, my hardships, my fears, my tears, my tiredness, my problems, and most importantly my heart and time.

  17. Rae:

    None. Unless my parents count.

  18. OneStepCloser:

    I agree with Rae.

  19. Amber:

    One. I have 5 incredible best friends. But only one would know what to do with my life.

  20. Tony Boney:


    Three boys and girls my age, and my Dad

  21. Laura:

    My two closest best friends.

  22. StoryBird:

    All of them. We all need to be offered the chance to rise to the occasion.

  23. Erin:

    I agree with Rae and OneStepCloser. I don’t have any friends who know me well enough to really understand me other than my parents.

  24. Tiff:

    Just him.

  25. me:

    only 2

  26. Kate:

    My very best friend, and my sister.

  27. April:


  28. Don't Tell the Boss:

    Three. My sister, my love, and my dear friend TT. All three if these people are my best friends.

  29. lou:

    one. and i’m glad i have him because i don’t trust myself.
    knowing he’s a phone call away keeps me from doing something stupid.
    and so, dear friend, you’ve already saved my life. twice.

  30. Meow:

    Only one or two. I’ve been through way too much insane things with the others to make it anymore than that. I trust them, but not that much. :c

  31. Phenethylamine:

    2, because I know they’d say the same about me.

  32. bails:


  33. Lulu:


  34. L.:

    All of them.
    If I didn’t trust them completely, they wouldn’t have been my friends.

  35. Ris:

    Three. The three I call my family.

  36. Sabrina:


  37. Nick:

    One or three.

  38. Katie:

    maybe one

  39. jsavanahs:

    I’ve always heard that, “Your lucky if you find ONE true friend in life”…and I’ve also heard, that “The only person you can trust, is yourself” – Well, I have a best friend, who’s been my best friend for quite some time now; and I suppose if I had to pick someone to trust my life with, it would be her, regardless of any consequences that could possibly follow. So, how many? Only one.

  40. mistie:

    Ha. I have no friends…

  41. SunShine:


  42. Jason B:

    Phil or Sofi

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