Question 137

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30 Responses to “Question 137”

  1. Candice:

    my heart, and all of the emotions in it.

  2. Cassi:

    My pets

  3. heather:

    my life.

  4. JedHakuro:

    Physical Object:
    + My Pikachu
    + My Silver Feather Necklace
    + My Camera
    Intangible Object:
    + My Blind Kindness
    + My Hardships
    + And Most Importantly… My Friends.

  5. Rae:

    My brain and the knowledge and emotions from it.
    And my cat. She is like my child.

  6. nic:

    My intelligence & logic…
    And maybe my home

  7. OneStepCloser:

    My mom…at least, that’s the first thing I thought of when I read the question.

  8. Lua:

    Be a Muslim – thanks Allah –

  9. Sam:

    My dignity.

    And my faith in God as my Savior.

  10. my consciousness that is day by day sharpened through learning and doing 😉

  11. Amber:

    My ability to feel extreme exuberance and to express myself rightfully.

  12. Anika:

    Object: The book my best friend gave to me and all the pictures I have of them.
    Otherwise, it’s the people who are my world. <3

  13. Sarah:

    the only thing that will listen to me when im alone- my cow.

  14. Laura:

    My friends

  15. Anne:

    My life. Physical object tho? computer & the internet

  16. gabs:

    My smile.

  17. Erin:

    My self-respect and belief that everything will be okay.

  18. Wajid:

    My way of life- Islam

  19. Courtney:


  20. Tiff:

    My gradfather’s ribbons.

  21. kay:

    the one who never gave up on me

  22. April:

    my religion
    my family

  23. Gracie:

    My necklace and my cat.

  24. Emma:

    my necklace i’ve worn everyday for almost a year

  25. zai:


  26. Ris:

    The bracelet I wear around my wrist that is falling apart. I wore it the first day I spent a summer afternoon at the park with my family, and I haven’t taken it off ever since.

  27. Nick:

    My positive traits
    My life
    The lessons that I learned
    My faith
    My family and friends.

  28. Zephyr:

    My parents
    M, who I love more than myself
    My pet
    My thoughts and beliefs
    My camera

  29. Jason B:

    My bicycle and my bestfriends

  30. Joey:

    my bike and my friends, but you cant exactly own people anymore so they dont really count(damn you civil war, jk)

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