Question 138

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43 Responses to “Question 138”

  1. Bethany:

    Broken and breaking.

  2. thinking, living and thinking 🙂

  3. Anonymous:

    Dreading school, loving summer, and hopelessly infatuated 3x over

  4. A.:

    Crazy, orginal, dorky, depressed, happy, wacky, punky, and the most optimistic pessimist you will ever meet.

  5. asukaji:

    Escapee from the world.

  6. Manderin:

    I am a paradox

  7. Alayna:

    I am a lie.

  8. Amber:

    I am combining what I used to know with what confuses me know to just find myself amongst the plasticity of life, being guided and thrown off course with the ones I love.

  9. Anika:

    Every time i run away from this conspiracy of a life, it seems I just run right back into myself and have no idea what to do.

  10. JedHakuro:

    I am damaged goods trying his best to not be a burden on others.

  11. Sam:

    No one ever really knew who he was.

  12. Justin:

    I am a good-hearted, helpful, open-minded, sweet, respectful, kind, but also a complicated person trying to figure out where or whom i belong with

  13. Anne:

    This can be fun!

  14. Krishy:

    Mirror, which shows the outside appearance and not inner

  15. Brandon:

    Less than she deserves.

  16. Lua:

    I`m a good person , confident and unexpected !

  17. LauraLynch:

    I am deep, never satisfied, broken, passionate, confident, insecure, thoughtful, full of secrets, and very, very misunderstood.

  18. Erin:

    I am a sad, misunderstood person by people who expect me to solve their problems, but don’t even listen to mine.

  19. mogulnick91:

    I am confident but not cocky, sassy, strong, loving, optimistic, and me!



  21. Anakin:

    I am a dysfunctional, passionate, slightly-inappropriate idea-machine.

  22. Becca:

    I’m me.
    As me as me
    can be.

  23. kay:

    someone trying desperately to work out what i really want to get out of life.

  24. Kate:

    A young woman seeking her path and trusting in her Guide.

  25. Alex:

    I can’t.
    (and I’m not sure I want to)

  26. M:

    A guy who has all the benefits i need , but too lazy to do anything about it

  27. AR:

    Someone using a witty person with a “don’t care” facade in place of someone much more pessimistic, worried, self-conscience and sad.

  28. Elly:

    someone who’s had many ups and down but fights until the end.

  29. April:

    A faithful lover of love containing no aggression.

  30. .

  31. meww:

    same as April, but I have never experienced it.

  32. Judy:

    A girl dreaming about love, and wanting to live it.

  33. jack:

    I am lost.

  34. Gem:

    someone guilty of feeling sorry for themselves despite having no real problems, but loves life and constantly strives to better understand those around her and help spread peace to everyone, and make the world a happier and more meaningful place for anyone she meets

  35. Inka:

    I can and I will, so don’t bother with trouble.

  36. Maria:

    I am me.

  37. sinead:

    dissappointed with life.

  38. Ris:

    She’s several people, all fighting to see which will win in the end.

  39. Nick:

    I love life and I live it my way.

  40. embo slice:

    i really wish i could answer this question, but i’m just a young mom who doesn’t fuck around

  41. jsavanahs:

    I am someone, living life one day at a time; hoping to be, in some way, a mentor to everyone I encounter along the way; regardless of my insecurities, and aside from all judgement.

  42. mistie:

    Can I, or can’t I?

  43. Steve:

    I am the most interesting group of people you ever met

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