Question 143

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23 Responses to “Question 143”

  1. Me:

    The fact that with everything I have gone through in the last three years I haven’t lost my drive and my ambition to finish school and try to make the world a slightly better place.

  2. Laura:

    That no matter what I can always keep a smile on my face

  3. Hippie Girl:

    My friends, family, and teachers make me proud. They are all amazing people.

  4. ro:

    the fact that i’m still here, still going strong, despite my numerous desire to give up.

  5. Anne:

    My children because of the wonderful adults their becoming

  6. JedHakuro:

    My Friends.

  7. gabs:

    The fact that I can perceive music in a way very few people (none around me) can. The fact that no matter what the people around me get to do or have, I’ll always be the way I am now. The fact that I haven’t given up yet, and that I choose to smile rather than hurt others.

  8. When I am making conscious decision,
    and keep making it 😛

  9. Anne:

    all the good decisions I have made

  10. Jillianne:

    The truth, giving and reciving.

  11. Courtney:

    Accomplishments for myself

  12. C:

    When I read a newly written post on my blog 🙂

  13. Liz:

    when i can see my ribs, or i look really skinny.

  14. April:

    When I see that I am accomplishing things and making progress into being a better person. I want to be an influence for good in the world. I want to be a reason for people to smile and see hope.

  15. Nothing.Because I am unique and therefore incomparable.

  16. TigerLily:

    my family. & taking Photos.

  17. Kacie:

    When someone finally accomplishes something they’ve wanted to for a long time.
    When I get told that I changed someone’s life.

  18. Emma:

    being the only girl who stuck out 4 years of guitar class
    14 boys, 1 girl, still one of the best music classes ecer

  19. Anon...:

    The fact that I have a strong relationships with my friends and family. What I can do to make life better for myself and others around me. That I can push myself and know I have done something fantastic.

  20. Ris:

    Finally realizing that I won’t turn my back on my family for anything, or take no as an answer from them.

  21. Nick:

    Accomplishing something I’ve never accomplished in ages.

  22. Joey:

    my friends

  23. Alicia Marie:

    My daughter 🙂

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