Question 144

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20 Responses to “Question 144”

  1. Laura:

    I find the strength in simply that. My heart knows it’s right, so I do it.

  2. Keep persuading myself when I am in the shower,
    and while I just got up and undisturbedly conscious in the morning 🙂

  3. JedHakuro:

    I find strength because in my heart I still hold that solitary belief that kindness trumps all.

  4. Candice:

    I don’t think about it too deeply… in fact… I just do it. We have an infinite amount of strength even though at times it does not seem that way. There have been many times I didn’t think I could go on, but somehow… each day… I wake up with more strength than when I went to sleep and I just keep going.

  5. Jessica:

    I don’t, and then I fail.

  6. gabs:

    I don’t want to be like everyone else who choose to do the wrong thing and end up hurting themselves or others, so I try to do what’s right. That way I know my conscience is clear, and that I shouldn’t regret doing it.

  7. JennyLynn:

    The strength will just come if you’re ready and strong, but sometimes finding that strength is the hardest thing to do.

  8. Swallow:

    Just follow the heart and let others go.

  9. Becca:

    Without a single doubt, my faith.

  10. Jillianne:

    I believe, feel and trust my heart knows what to do for the highest good in all, with simple kindness and love.

  11. Justin:

    The hopeful thought of what the outcome would be

  12. TQD:

    I don’t, and then I succeed.

  13. April:

    That’s so hard to answer. It takes a lot of guts sometimes. I guess I have to have faith in myself and have to the faith to know that everything always really will turn out for the best.

  14. Marta:

    I do not know. Just roll with it.

  15. Kristy:

    I compartmentalize. I tell myself over and over it’s the right thing… then right before, during, and after I do it… I separate the action from myself. I’ve done some hard things, but as long as I hold myself to it, I make it through.

  16. Raven:

    I just do what I know is right. I don’t let society control me.

  17. Nick:

    I think of the positive outcome of doing what is right.

  18. Daniel:

    I listen to a song called “Ambling Alps” by Yeasayer, in that song I gather strength to do what’s right for my heart.

  19. jsavanahs:

    From the man upstairs. When I’m to the point that I just don’t know what to do anymore, I pray.

  20. mistie:

    I think of God, and how I REFUSE to fail.

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