Question 145

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41 Responses to “Question 145”

  1. gabs:

    Anywhere I can see a clear sky with a few robust clouds for a sense of awe and wonder.

  2. Chloe:

    in the dark looking up to the stars…

  3. Anne:

    with nature or with my music
    depending on the situation

  4. Anonymous:

    Within myself

  5. Jason:

    Looking up at the clear night sky. It takes my breath away every time

  6. Candice:

    In my husband’s arms.

  7. Jillianne:

    In the rain forest.

  8. Kezia:

    At nearly 15, it’s still bouncing on the trampoline or swinging on the swings.

  9. Courtney:

    In the laughter of a child:)

  10. Justin:

    Similiar as Chloe. When I looked at the stars and think of so many impossible things that I believed can be possible

  11. Laura:

    When I’m standing on the shoreline, looking out at the ocean.
    Or looking down on a big city from the top of a tall building.
    Basically, anywhere with a view that seems infinite.

  12. Lua:

    In my prayers

    In the Rain

    In my dreams

  13. JedHakuro:

    In music, in rainfall, in the comfort of friends, but mostly in the silence of the night where the stars are above me and the shadows at my fingertips.

  14. Claire:

    In doing the household chores at my college town house. and playing hostess when my roommates and i have company.

  15. Jennifer:

    When reading the Tao Te Ching

  16. Becca:

    On the beach at night, when the sand is cold and the moon is bright! 🙂

  17. sheysheyuki:

    In his arms, when I hear him breathing and his heart is singing to mine.

  18. Sitting by the pool, listening to just the nature that happens in a country backyard, whether it be day or night. 🙂

  19. StrongSister:

    Singing onstage and watching people enjoy the music.

  20. luna:

    in my dreams.

  21. Elly:

    In his arms. But he doesn’t know that.

  22. April:

    the temple
    with loved ones

  23. Kelsey:

    Anywhere, when everyone else is asleep.

  24. Peace that passes again, or peace that lasts forever? Peace that last forever maybe isn’t to found here on earth…

  25. Marta:

    The ocean. Or sitting on a mountain in silence.

  26. Travis:

    On the range, prone, with my sling high and tight on my bicep, nestled tight in to the butt of my rifle. Everything slows down just after my second or third shot, breathing and heart rate slow even more and the entire world is dead around me. I always managed to wring out the full 10 minutes by mere seconds.

    I miss those days the most.

  27. lou:

    anywhere, looking at the stars.
    but i was most peaceful laying in the grass looking at the eiffel tower.

  28. starzgate:

    in the forest

  29. In my prayers…that is where I know, with an absolute certainty, that I’m being listened to…

  30. Torrie:

    On the beach at sunset listening to the waves crash agenst the sand, being able to see the beauty.
    Or under the stars, looking at the impossible happen right before my eyes.

  31. Macey:

    outside in the dark.

    or with him near me.

  32. Ris:

    Laying in bed at night, dreaming up impossible scenarios.

  33. Gracie-Lou:

    on the beach, in the evening, with the waves either crashing on the shore… or just lapping… the silent tug of the tide, and the pull of the moon… there lies tranquility and my inner peace…

  34. Clover:

    In front of a Fish Aquarium. Just sitting there watching the beautiful graceful fish swimming like they are in slow motion. And hearing the hum of the filter and the air bubble pump. It relaxes and puts me at peace.

  35. Megan:

    In music

  36. Nick:

    Anywhere as long as there is an acoustic accompaniment.

  37. Daniel:

    From within

  38. mistie:

    In my imagination and in memories of the past.

  39. Delilah:

    hills, mountains, trees, anywhere up high and away

  40. Joey:

    hiding in the woods

  41. Alicia Marie:

    at the beach,

    deep in the woods,

    or at home snuggling with my baby girl 🙂

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