Question 146

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  1. Patrick:


  2. Josh:

    When ever I’m on stage.

  3. Ash:

    When I play my guitar

  4. Me:

    Anytime I am with my students!

  5. Devon:

    I love to work on cars, by the end of the day im sweating and bleeding like crazy, but i couldn’t be any happier.

  6. Anne:

    Never, because I don’t consider what I want to do with my life work.

  7. Lua:

    In one of my college projects ^^ it was my best time …

  8. Kendra:

    When I’m practicing my saxophone, and it could be anything- working on tone, working on a four-note run, working on subtle differences in articulation. It is what makes the music meaningful

  9. Fran:

    Whenever I’m at the barn.

  10. JedHakuro:

    I don’t always consider myself working hard, because I enjoy every moment of it that the hard work seems to be minuscule in comparison.

  11. ross:

    every day i walk into the gym and put the basketball in my hands to try and earn my scholarship

  12. alli:

    when i gave my time to help other people because i got so much in return

  13. Tiff:

    Back at the firehouse. That was the hardest job I ever had, but it was the most fulfilling.

  14. Sarah:

    At my coop at a nursing home. i miss it there so much. i loved every minute of it!

  15. Kate:

    My very first job – I was a groom at a farm that raised Arabian horses. I cleaned stalls everyday, dodged teeth and hooves, had deworming medication spat at me, and came home every day looking like I’d rolled in mud. It was amazing. I hope I have another job that makes me that happy someday.

  16. AR:

    Volunteering in my (hopefully) future career. Work? Nahhh, more like fun.

  17. April:

    I’m not sure about that. I honestly do not think so, that’s so sad! I hope to have a career someday where I absolutely love what I do and feel like I’m making a difference in the world.

  18. Kelsey:

    When I dance.

  19. cdv:

    when I run, its so tough but it makes me feel so strong and invincible.

  20. Marta:

    On my show. It kicks my bum for months of prep work and the final execution is so worth it, I cry when we wrap.

  21. Anon...:

    When I studied for my exams that left me sleep deprived for 3 days. I hope it was worh it.

  22. Sabrina:

    When I trained in my sport to go represent my country in the World Championship.

  23. When I was working at my college theatre. I bled, I cried, I worked myself to exhaustion. I would have had it no other way.

    Take my advice, it’s an amazing feeling to have a true passion, to have that FIRE burn inside you. It’s that one thing you could see yourself doing every day of your life — For free!! Just because the sheer joy of doing it fulfills a hole in your heart.

  24. Nick:

    When we were practicing for a dance and song number for Teacher’s Day.
    And everytime I make a Powerpoint presentation. Makes my creativity run.

  25. mistie:

    When I write.

  26. Julie Takase:

    creating a business plan/model!

  27. hexmage:

    ACT testing day. Something about putting a large part of could define me to the test of filling in bubbles and letting that be that is relaxing. After it leaves my sight, I can’t touch it and it is out of my control.

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