Question 147

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13 Responses to “Question 147”

  1. laya:

    An interesting question and a great reminder. Most of us waste so much time as if we’ll live forever.

    If you told me I was only going to live another 10 years, I’d drastically alter my daily routine.

  2. JedHakuro:

    I wouldn’t know. I could venture guesses, but I want to live right… without anything telling me to do so differently.

    Give me a time limit, I’ll still put others first.

  3. George:

    I don’t have the necessary resources to do any of the things on my bucket list. No “shortened amount of time” will change this. In fact, the mere possibility of living for an extended amount of time encourages me to believe I can come up with ways to accomplish what I want to in this life. In fact, the answer to the question is “my life is short enough” or “any shorter and I’d just be irresponsible.”

  4. FutureMD:

    ^^ I would make a new, achievable bucket list…

  5. August:

    Give me four more years and I promise you’ll see a much different me.

  6. wes the philosopher:

    10 days—10 years makes no difference. If you constanly seek peace—real peace then time begins to mean less and less. Death is simply a transformation. My soul, my thoughts can never die. How can you kill a thought. Not possible. Always seek peace.

  7. New Zealand Bloke:

    As short as a L.A Gangster’s

  8. tessypooh:


  9. April:

    Haha, that’s hard to say. I should buck up and not be lazy and do what I want to do. I guess you never know what day will be your last or the last of those around you.

  10. Kelsey:

    50 years.

  11. Rennie:

    Three days.

    I’m happy with the way I live right now, but if the time line is especially short, I’ll make a few adjustments: “It’s unrealistic to meet such-and-such a goal in three days, so I’ll devote my time to the-other-goal instead” and “I guess I won’t be needing my college money…”

  12. Raven:

    30 years because then I wouldn’t have the time to learn enough to try and contribute even the smallest idea to science.

  13. Nick:

    Ooh, tough one.
    The first thing that went through my head was like
    “Please, don’t make it shorter and I will try to make things better.”

    But since it’s asking for how long, I would say maybe 15 years? I’m not sure because 15 years is not enough for me to accomplish what I want to accomplish.

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