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  1. becca:

    my thought processes and feelings!

  2. My typical character of Flexibility 😉

  3. Anonymous:

    My randomness and imagination

  4. The aspects of myself that I love the most,
    are the aspects of myself that do not involve me.

    I’m a channeler; what can I say?

  5. salvacion:

    i love the most about myself?…everything!!i love who i am, what i am and what and who i can become! 😀 🙂

    but i would say my good and forgiving heart…i have this kind of heart that love the most and forgive alot, even if it hurting a lot, it still try to understand, forgive and love again.:)

  6. M-Alice:

    I love how at one point I would never have been able to answer this question- but now I can. I love the person I have managed to become =)

  7. JedHakuro:

    My kindness to others, I’ve managed to keep it all this time… after all the hardships and pain, I managed to hold on to that belief everyone is worth it.

  8. Bethany:

    My scars.

  9. ApplePie:

    I don’t love myself.
    But seeing as the question includes the word “most”, I suppose I could answer.

    What I love most about me is how I adapt to different environments quickly. How I can become a robot in minutes. How I forget myself easily, and blend into the background.

  10. Valerie:

    (Is this Keira Knightley?)

    My ability to make people laugh.

  11. Something I love most about myself is how I’m always there for anyone who needs it. I could hate you with such a burning passion, but if I saw you crying, I’d truly listen to you and not tell a soul your secret.

  12. C:

    My deep thinking, while everyone around me thinks I’m a shallow bitch. That part is mine..

  13. Anne:

    probably my sense of style…I don’t wear things because other people do, I don’t wear things because nobody does, I wear things because I LIKE THEM.

  14. April:

    I’m real.

  15. Lua:

    a lot of things like my personality , thoughts and accepting others .

  16. taelor:

    The way i think about all living things. it makes me feel the most alone. but i know its so compassionate and i wish i met more people who thought the way that i did.

  17. Pankaj:

    My motivational speaking ability

  18. Yre:

    My potential.

  19. gabs:

    I don’t have to fit into a certain clique. I also don’t need to follow the crowd, I feel perfectly fine living my own way.

  20. gamal:

    I love the fact that as each day passes I realise more and more that I don’t know myself as well as I thought and knowing that empowers me to discover more of myself from moment to moment, day to day. Its an incredible journey.

  21. Bailey:

    I love the fact that I have so much love inside me:).

  22. New Zealand Bloke:

    The ability to think critically.

  23. StrongSister:

    My heartshaped birthmark that is actually over my heart. Reminds me that I am and kind.

  24. StrongSister:

    The heart shaped birthmark I have over my heart. It comforts me on my general nature.

  25. Julz:

    my voice, because i should like to think i am a good singer and because people can be given hope by a simple hello or something like that so i think your voice is really powerful. it may just save someones life someday

  26. lauren:

    my ability to change and to learn, and my love for adventure.

  27. kim:

    my ability to relate to and offer advice to one in need.
    my generosity.

  28. roger:

    nothing. i hate myself. i think im pathetic

  29. Kelsey:

    The fact that I’m the only one who understands me.

  30. Who am I, so that I could love something special and something else not?

  31. dwa:

    I can laughing myself

  32. jack:

    I love my love. My love of music, people, words, nature, sights, sounds. I love loveing it and how it affects me. It’s mine and no one can change how I feel about these things. I love it!

  33. melissa:

    What I LOVE the most? Good question, because most of the time I feel like there’s nothing I even LIKE about myself. But after thinking about it, I’d say two things. I’m very sensitive to other people’s feelings and I’m able to put myself in their shoes and have sympathy. The other thing is that I honestly like to do things my own way. I know what I like and what I don’t like and I stick with it, without letting other people pressure me to do or wear something I don’t like.

  34. Inka:

    ’cause I’m such a weirdo and everyone thinks I’m a little girl. My sense of humor. My drawings. The way I behave and everyone are just like ”aww”. That I’m brave.

  35. sodapop:


  36. Macey:

    my (both random and profound) talkiness.

  37. Ris:

    My way of using music to get me through things.

  38. Lauren:

    my quirks and my individuality.
    my strength and talents.

  39. Clover:

    My curiosity for life. Try to alway look on the bright side of things. Being very protective over the people I love.

  40. Nick:

    Creativity skills, being emphatic, being sensitive enough to know other’s feelings.

  41. Daniel:

    I am enamored by my ability to conceive ideas, theories, connections, and taking those ideas and bringing them into the physical reality.

  42. jsavanahs:

    I love that I can start a conversation with a stranger, and in no time, reveal their life story. I love that I love giving advice, helping people is what I love to do. I love that I can make people laugh, I’m a happy person when people smile because of something I said or did, it’s rewarding. I love that I can confidently write what I love about myself, without feeling impudent. I love that I am my own person, and the fact that there’s no one else I’d rather be, no matter what.

  43. mistie:

    My imagination and creativity, and the way that sometimes I just can’t stop thinking about some things. How I strive to be the best.

  44. Julie Takase:

    my humor.

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