Question 151

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  1. August:

    I trust my cat because he always listens to me, never tells my secrets, and always seems to show up just when I need him.

  2. Myself 🙂

    She often brings wonders in quite unexpected way 😉

  3. Bethany:

    The god-shaped razor blade in the middle right drawer…

  4. Shaun:

    I give everyone a fair amount of trust to an extent. I think the only person I fully trust is myself, because I won’t judge my secrets.

  5. I trust everyone with different things… But the person I truly trust is my mom. Not even my best friend understands half the things my mom knows.

  6. gabs:

    Out of the people I see very often, very few. Also, none of them are my family.

    I do trust some of my relatives who live farther away, though.

  7. C:

    I trust no one.

  8. Aimee:

    I trust someone who used to be my best friend. We’re barely even friends now, but I still trust him with everything. I wish he understood he’s the only person I can turn to, and that I need him to keep me sane.

  9. Laura:

    My best friend. He’s always there for me and he can always cheer me up in his weird little ways.

    And my other best friend, who, even though it seems like we’re drifting apart, she still knows everything about me.

  10. Lua:

    My self and my beautiful family ^^

  11. Megan:

    I’ve only fpund one person ever who seems to understand me completely, and I understand him completely. We both know things about each other that no one else does, so I trust him.

  12. JedHakuro:

    I can rant about this question all the day and the reasons why, but I trust my best friends because they have always been there for me and even though we may not be able to talk everyday or see each other as often as we like, the four of them have never left me to face things alone when they know I need them.

    So I thank them and love them for it… that’s the reason I trust them with everything.

  13. wes the philosopher:

    I trust because I have faith. I know without a doubt that everything will be ok. I trust that good will overcome.

  14. Smalls:

    The boy whose heart I broke. I should have known I could trust him from the beginning, then maybe things would have worked out differently. I can only hope by trusting him now I can patch up my mistake.

  15. AR:

    No one. Not even my “best” friends because I’m scared of my secrets, and even more scared to tell them.

  16. April:

    I oddly enough seem to trust most people. That’s probably not a good thing, but I think anyone deserves a chance.

  17. Kelsey:

    My best friend.

  18. Angela:

    I think I can trust my boyfriend and best friend, but I chose to not do so fully. Other than that I don’t trust anyone else very much.

  19. Chrys:

    I only truly trust myself. I wish I could say anything different, and I’m trying to change that, but its not how I was raised.

  20. Samantha:

    grampa, caey, and harold…because they are the only ones who have never let me down and who have helped me throught my tough times instead of causing them

  21. Z:

    my close friends from college who are my new, true family 🙂

  22. Emma:

    my three sisters, because they’re the only one’s who have ever known the truth of my life

  23. Ris:

    My sisters, even though I rarely see two fo them.

  24. Clover:

    Me, Myself, and I

  25. Raven:

    The only person I trust completely is my best friend. I know I can tell him anything and he’s the first person I call when anything happens.

  26. Nick:

    God. Everything id possible with Him.
    Family and friends. I can find comfort in them.
    A bit of myself. I just have to.

  27. Johanna:

    God. He’s planned everything out and He will lead me if only I follow.

    My sister, Anna. She listens and honestly cares and loves always. She sees through the lies I try to hide behind and pushes me to be a better person.

    And I’m learning to trust myself.

  28. Joey:

    Phil, my awesome coworker whos a mentor/father figure for me

  29. hexmage:

    Abbie, a friend. Because I know no matter what, she won’t change who she is or how she acts. She is the most constant thing in my life currently, but she plays such a small role than form the outside shes nothing more than a passerby.

  30. P.J.:

    Nobody. My best friend of thirty years just betrayed me in a cruel and life-threatening way.

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