Question 153

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  1. When it’s just the two of you, knowing that you’re there for each other.

  2. wes the philosopher:

    When the words that do not have to be spoken, are already understood. ” Its the space between the notes that makes the music”

  3. Cricket:

    When you can read more in the person glance, the twitch of a smile, and how they feel wrapped in your arms.

  4. Jasmine:

    Because being able to tell how someone is feeling through there actions is more important then knowing how they would describe it

  5. Justin:

    When they wouldn’t answer to your questions and the words that they didn’t say somehow spoke out loud.

  6. JedHakuro:

    When my best friend and I, whom I love more than any other girl I have ever been with, just lay in each other’s arms and watch the stars. She makes me smile when no one else can and can make me feel wanted when no one else could.

  7. Dave:

    When you ask someone you thought was a friend for help.

  8. C:

    When you understand the unspoken words with only a look.

  9. Harriet:

    when he’s holding you, and you can feel him smile when he buries his face in your hair.

  10. When you are asked a question you don’t want to answer

  11. Erin:

    that look when we both know exactly what we are talking the other is thinking

  12. Bethany:

    Always. People are just too busy to notice.

  13. Anne:

    when you take action.

  14. ayad:

    the silence in love and the unspoken words when we are together, shows understandings..

  15. Night:

    I agree with Bethany. Silence can always convey more, but most people just don’t care enough to pay attention to the language of silence.

  16. StrongSister:

    When you are among people you love.

  17. Lua:

    When you love someone so much and you do not have any words to describe your feeling .

  18. Jo:

    When it’s in an embrace with a loved one

  19. silver blaze:

    when u r with him…knwing that ur silence is speaking loads more than ur words would…

  20. April:

    When you’re staring into each other’s eyes and you can see the emotions pouring out of them. I feel like seeing emotions in people’s eyes can mean so much more because you know it’s genuine and from the heart, it’s not just a line of bull crap pouring from their mouth.

  21. Kelsey:

    When you both know you’ve reached that point of complete understanding.

  22. Don't Tell the Boss:

    We we look into each other’s eyes. We become one person and know what the other is thinking. It is incredibly crazy, but we don’t even have to speak.

  23. Kacie:

    When you’re curled up on the couch with them, watching the TV and the only thing that matters is the two of you, knowing that your actions speak louder than words.

  24. Emma:

    When anything, a smile, a tear, a look in each other’s eyes, says more than a thousand page letter could, and both people understand exactly what the other means

  25. Nick:

    When simple gestures are made.

  26. jsavanahs:

    When you try to speak, but no words come out, because someone has made such an impact on you.

  27. PufferFish:

    When my best friend and I have conversation with our facial expressions and it makes perfect sense until we inevitably start laughing uncontrollably.

    A moment with my boyfriend stands out in my mind, too. Our first date, I was distracted by the art on the walls of the restaurant while he was talking. I was still listening but not looking at him, so he stopped talking until I looked back at him.
    We just kind of stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much love in his eyes, and needless to say we both forgot what we were talking about and had to start a new conversation. This same sort of thing has happened several times since then, too…
    Silence can portray emotions so much better than words can sometimes.

  28. Eljai:

    When someone says “how are you?” and there is just this silence.

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