Question 154

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24 Responses to “Question 154”

  1. Naileen:

    Reading, and listening to music! 🙂

  2. Fran:

    Writing, listening to music

  3. M-Alice:

    Same as Fran- music and writing ^_^

  4. Dirk:

    Well, I am a little embarrassed to admit it but I tend to spend my free time drinking and smoking, but I do it with the most incredible woman in the world who I am deeply in love with. Being 50 I know something about what I speak on this topic. We also bring people together and have created an incredible network of people who are much happier living in a foreign country, as we are, having met other great people. I know a weird thing but people seem to be happy with it. We came overseas we conquered and we have many great friends. It works. Yes, some wasted time, but we are enjoying life and making other people happy at the same time. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

  5. C:

    Writing for my blog.

  6. learning fresh, interesting stuff by reading, listening, watching and communicating 😉

  7. Bethany:


  8. Jess:

    To be fully honest watching tv. I hate to admit that but I plan on changing it.

  9. Anne:

    trying to improve myself/criticizing myself while playing video games, reading, listening to music ect. I really need a better self esteem. I almost passed out today because I convinced myself I was fat and skipped lunch and breakfast. It didnt help that when I finally did eat, I ate three cookies. I felt like I couldn’t move, I felt queasy and I had a huge headache. luckily, I decided to eat a real meal for dinner.

  10. Not the best thing I’ll ever admit. But I sit on my computer looking for something to do online, even when I know I should be outside. I’m so glad I’m changing this. 🙂

  11. krishy:

    Mostly watching TV, frequently doing embriodery, reading, diving into my cupboard and recollecting about my past deeds, things, etc etc

  12. Jason:

    Cycling, weight lifting, cleaning, going online. I am relaxing in my free time, because I won’t have any for a long while come September

  13. JedHakuro:

    Writing, Listening to Music, Playing Video Games, and just thinking.

  14. AR:

    Wasting it.

  15. Rich:

    Playing X-Box

  16. Elly:

    Alone. Deep in thought. Happy.

  17. April:

    talking to people. i always seem to be talking to somebody.

  18. Kelsey:

    Thinking about what I would like to be doing.

  19. All time is free, for everyone at evry time.

  20. Don't Tell the Boss:

    Daydreaming while hiking, hanging at the beach, and messing around. I get so lost in my own thoughts.

  21. TigerLily:

    Honestly on the Computer…. But I am learning new hobbies to change that 🙂

  22. Nick:

    Listening to acoustic music while lying down and staring at the skies.

  23. mistie:

    Yes, I spend way too much time on the internet. Very few times has it helped me in any way. But I’m human, and we live to waste time we don’t have.

  24. Lizzy:

    on the computer– i would spend more time outside, but at this time of year, my allergies stop me.

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