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  1. Candice:

    When I was younger, I thought a life without regret was a happy life… led by the heart. There isn’t anything that I wish I could have done that I didn’t do, but there are many things things that I have said or done which hurt other people that I do regret. Even if I have had the opportunity to apologize, the pain I caused pains me. Now I know, that a life with regret can be a happy life, I would not erase anything. I have learned from each one of my mistakes, and that is a beautiful thing.

  2. salvacion:

    who is Me right now is because of my past. so i guess if ever i have the power to erase one thing about my past, i will not do it! because i believe that every bit of my past has a purpose and it is the reason that makes me who i am right now, as a person, whether it is bad or good…everything has a purpose.

    the past is over, if ever there is something in the past that still affect you or hurt you right now, let go…what is important is right now, the life you have in the present. it is okay to look back, but just to understand who you are right now, not to regret what you have done.

  3. Yre:

    I used to think I would want to, but now I realise that I wouldn’t want to. My experiences have made me who I am, as difficult and painful as they were.

  4. Hello:

    I would not change anything. My past has made me who I am. Yes there have been difficult times and times I did not think I could get through but I am a much better person because of everything I have experience.

  5. Night:

    No. My past defines me. I’m not afraid to state what I think, and I won’t take it back because people dislike me and my ideas.

  6. The only thing I’d truly want to erase is the time I had a fight with my dad. It was pointless and I was being melodramatic. But…I’m not sure if erasing it would be a good thing or not. So I think I’d go with the answer of no, I wouldn’t erase a thing.

  7. Bethany:

    If I thought it would be better for HIM… yes. Without a doubt, yes.

  8. JedHakuro:

    I wouldn’t know what I’d want to erase, everything good and bad has made me who I am and losing just one thing loses who I am.

  9. Yes because that one thing is what screwed up who I could have been today and that one thing being gone could have saved her.

  10. Laura:

    I used to want to, but now I’m not so sure… What happened in my past only made me stronger

  11. C:

    I’m not sure. If you have that kind of power, it’s hard not to take advantage.

  12. Jenny:

    Yes. The moment when I made that first cut.

  13. Rachel:

    I try not to regret things, though sometimes it’s hard not to. I wouldn’t want to erase my past. It’s away for me to learn.

  14. Sherry:

    No matter what we have said, done, owned or destroyed; it is our nature, as human beings, to wonder what could have been had we done something differently. Would we have a better life? Would we have all we dreamed of? Would it be better for someone else? Where would that leave us if it was? Sometimes, we get so lost in thinking about what was & what could have been “IF” that we lose sight of the lessons we have learned from all that came before, all the experiences we had, good, bad or indifferent. We are on the never ending quest for something else. It is not often that something makes us sit back and take stock of what we have and what we have become because of all that was before and realize that if even one simple thing was changed, what kind of effect would that have on the now? Would we be the strong people we are now? Would we be able to look into the eyes of our children and let our hearts fill with love? So, with all that being said…. despite all the pain and hardship, both given and received, no…no I would not change a thing from the past. I will learn from it and move forward.

  15. Fran:

    YES. but then again….no

  16. JS:

    Amazing Sherry and i agree wholeheartedly.
    What we have done makes us who we are. Our choices define who we are, and what we have accomplished. Take that away and you remove part of yourself.

  17. Justin:

    It would be nice because it gives someone a fresh start on their life, to erase their guilt or pain so they could finally think positive and start on a better life. There are times where I wish I would be in an accident and woke up and not remember anything from my past and that would give me a fresh start. But as I looked back now, I would have to say no for me because even erase or no, the experience you do or do not want to erase itself did change you to become a new person. We just have to learn and embrace the new person within us instead of dwelling in the past and wishing we done something different because we can. That is why we have the rest of our lives to show that we learned and we changed.

  18. Aimee:

    No. Every part of my past has made me the person I am today. We learn from our mistakes and grow in our troubles.

  19. BeLoo CoAcoNauT:

    im a christian who has always been shy and once when i was real little i experienced the joy of the lord. I was so happy i could not use words to describe it. Like i said i was shy so contained it i didn’t want anyone to know. this joy lasted for three days. Now i never feel lyk im really happy. no type of joy even compares. In Luke 4:21 god says not to hide your light. happiness is often described as a light. i think if i didn’t hide it and just let it out I’d still be as happy today. it would have been taken away. i believe i would be close to god like i want to be. i used to be. i strayed away. my life would be so much better if i had that happiness.
    P.S. im not miserable i just miss the happy

  20. Ross:

    i would erase the first time i ever broke up with her because i know if i hadn’t, we’d still be together today.

  21. Jillianne:

    No, my life in all ways has made me to be just the way I am right now and that is good enough…I have had many lessons in life that have taught me empathy through hard experiences which were blessings and gifts in discise. Good, Bad and Indifferent it is all been worth it.

  22. Alex:

    i would change one thing. Never falling in Love with my best friend and staying loving him for 5 years even though he said he didnt feel the same back.

  23. AR:

    Yes, I should have talked to her when I had the chance. There are other things too, but this one nags at me. I would change the way I behaved in middle school, which still haunts me today. It would calm my social anxiety if I didn’t endure what I did in middle school.

  24. Rich:

    My father dying

  25. Tara:

    At this moment I can think of several things I would like to erase, but if I actually had a true opportunity to do so, I don’t think I would because in the end these are the times that when overcome will have made me stronger, wiser, and have the ability to just move on and be happy

  26. April:

    I’m unsure. I mean there’s certain things that just thinking about them makes my heart ache, but I think those things probably had to happen for a good reason. Maybe I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them.

  27. Mel:

    I always said that I would change her. I would never tell her I loved her and she would never have used it against me. Although she caused much darkness she also gave me the strength and courage I needed to be who I am now. I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything in my past has made me who I am today and that makes me happy.

  28. Kelsey:

    If I could change anything that happened in my past, I would change 9/11/2001. I wouldn’t be the same person as I am now, but it would save a lot of lives that should not have been lost.

  29. Marta:

    Saying “no” to a date with Mark Valley. He was so sweet and kind and looking back at photos from studio events I realize he asked me out because he actually liked me. He looked at me with a fondness in his eyes. I was nice, funny, and pretty. I was too young and innocent to know that. I wish I had said yes. Never know what could have happened or where we would be today…

  30. Gracie:

    No. I wouldn’t go back and erase making a suicide plan, or telling my friend what I was going to do. I would not erase any of it. There are things haunting my memory that I often wish could go away, but if troubles of the past were erased, then what would fill my nightmares? I don’t want to know.

  31. Annie:

    There are a few things I’ve done that I would do anything to erase. One time, one of my best friends said she was being tested for cancer. She’s the friend who always kids around. I laughed. I thought it was another of her jokes. It wasn’t. She doesn’t have cancer, but she needed a friend. I laughed. I will never forgive myself. Another thing I would die to erase is when I screamed at one of my best friends. I told her that I wanted to bash her head into the lockers. She didn’t talk to me for three days. I hurt her so bad. She’s forgiven me, but I could still die to erase even dreaming of hurting her.

  32. Annie:

    Both of my moments I posted above were about the same friend. I love her so much. I hate hurting her. I hurt my other friends too. Sometimes I want to leave them so I can never hurt them again. The only thing stopping me is that leaving them would break their hearts more than I ever have.

  33. Sophie:


  34. Inka:

    That time I was raped.

  35. sab:

    Although I am who I am today. I wish I wasn’t so passive back then I missed out on a lot of good things and people. But I try to remember that everything has its reasons. Ive learned form this, never let time pass you bye.

  36. jake:

    everything i do that hurts someone slightly hits me back ten fold. Yet i never seem to stop. Its taking a toll witch will make the end much more sweet.

  37. keenan:

    no i would erase them all

  38. Nick:

    I don’t think so. Whatever happened defined me and helped me become a better person. Without it, I wouldn’t be what I am right now.

  39. mistie:

    I’d erase a billion things. I’ve heard that life is fun, when you’re perfect 😉

  40. Delilah:

    no because then i wouldn’t be who i am

  41. Heather:

    If I could go back and change one thing, it would be this: In Jr high, my best friend and I were laying out in my yard in our swimsuits, listening to music and being silly. My little sister came out in her swimsuit to join us, and I made a big deal about sending her back into the house and telling her she couldn’t hang out with us. It’s a silly thing, but years later, it pains me to think that I treated my sister, who is now my best friend, in such a terrible way. I know she has forgiven me, but if I could go back, I would be her friend and not too cool to hang out with her.

  42. bryanntot:

    i don’t really want to erase anything, i just want to change those wrong deeds and i want to make them right. 🙂

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