Question 156

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  1. JedHakuro:

    A worthwhile accomplishment, to the person at least, that is obtained through hard work and effort. It must have been obtained by being able to challenge oneself in the deepest of manners and should have a positive impact on a person’s life, whether its just happiness or a chance to move forward.

    And above all, the success should make you have a sense of worth about yourself and give you an overall positive happiness that did not come at the expense of anyone’s else’s wellbeing.

  2. Anonymous:

    Doing what makes you happiest.

  3. Jason:


  4. Manderin:

    The colour yellow. I don’t know why, but that’s what I thought of first.

  5. Visiting many country-sides in different countries and helping people along the way.

  6. C:

    Achieving your dreams

  7. Anne:


  8. Aimee:

    Happiness and Love

  9. Nic:

    big house… accomplished career…

  10. Jo:


  11. JS:

    Finding and achieving happiness.

  12. Lua:

    Everything Beautiful in our lovely world . .

  13. Ray:

    Knowing that they love me, and not doubting it.

  14. Feeling satisfied when hitting the pillow in the evening 🙂

  15. Chris:

    hard work.

  16. Jillianne:

    A sense off inner peace….humm blissful peace.

  17. Anika:

    Knowing that I’ve done things to help others and feeling like a good human being. That’s when I feel happy.

  18. Rich:

    I think of my Father who died on April 7th. I never needed for anything in my life because of him

  19. Jillianne:

    Courage creates success is what I think.

  20. A smile.

  21. April:

    accomplishing your goals

  22. Kelsey:

    Knowing if you could do it over, you would do the same thing.

  23. Nick:


  24. Marta:

    Pure happiness and feeling connected to the earth and universe every day. Helping others and realizing, at least once per day, that the person standing next to me in line, or at the red light in the next car might be having a crap day – so I smile at them. Living my life to the fullest extent every single day. Not living by the clock. THAT IS SUCCESS!


    I think of nothing, I felt content when confronted with the word.

  26. Julia:

    Feeling like your life has positively affected something or someone else in the world. Smaller successes (which feel just as good) would be planting a tree, or talking to a stranger who feels down, or sitting with someone lonely and seeing the smile on their face.

  27. starzgate:

    my mom

  28. I think of peace and tranquility

  29. sodapop:

    earning money for something that you love to do, what you have a passion for.

  30. ButterFlops:


  31. Raven:

    When you don’t want to go to sleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

  32. Nick:

    Accomplishing something you worked for with blood, sweat and tears.

  33. jsavanahs:

    Having everything I’ve always wanted; a great job, a wonderful husband, an amazing family, true friends, my dream house…etc. But for it to be success, I want all of that, only if it comes with happiness for not only myself, but for the people that will share it with me.

  34. mistie:

    Effort, and then satisfaction. Kind of like when you lift weights all day, and in the end all your muscles are sore. But you’re still proud of yourself for trying.

  35. Eljai:

    raising my kids to a point where they can fend for themselves.

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