Question 4

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19 Responses to “Question 4”

  1. Elemental:

    Today. I try something different all the time, even if it is as small as a new place to eat.

  2. Ehsaan:

    a couple days ago I bought a bucket of ice cream and shared it with a group of strangers!

  3. bobby:

    Yesterday: i learned how to play a new game.

  4. today. and every day, for that matter.

  5. April:

    I wish I knew.

  6. Aimee:

    I try to find something new every day. Even if its a tiny something. Anything to keep from falling into a rut of the same thing every day..

  7. Lauren:

    Tried something new? Umm… A couple of days ago, I spent the whole day with some new friends and learned a bunch of new games. It was a lot of fun. 🙂

  8. Amanda:

    I don’t even remember. I have to change that.

  9. Rebekah:

    …God…far too long ago.

  10. Diva:

    I had to think about this for so long… so I guess that means no LOL.

  11. RubenRybnick:


  12. Nick:

    The first time I ate a mussel. I thought it was a mushroom.

  13. I tried sitting more with my parents, which is new thing since we’re not thaat close ..

  14. Fallenstar:

    I started visiting all those music festivals which I hated deeply in the past and I enjoyed myself. I discovered new music in my father’s collection. I also tried to write a diploma thesis for someone. In a field I have no clue about and several years too early. Interesting. Oh, and I started smoking hand-rolled cigarettes instead of pre-made ones. Tastes better. Oh yes, and I have tried to teach myself shorthand too. Pretty damn hard and I didn’t get far. Will have to do something about that.

  15. Michael Hitchcock:

    I invented a pasta sauce last night and I ignored a house guest to concentrate on my own thing.

    Today I will probably achieve something new as well.

  16. Far ago.. 🙁

  17. Rachael:

    Something very small but I tried an onion ring last night haha

  18. Rowena:

    Huh… makes me realize that constant repetitiveness I have in my life. I guess I’ll have to see what I can do…

  19. chichay:

    today i tried drinking milk tea

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