Question 159

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14 Responses to “Question 159”

  1. Just this afternoon, I laughed at a stranger who looks awfully stressful 🙂
    He stared at me for the unexpected reaction a few seconds and I think I helped him to forget about his “awful thing” for that brief moment 😉

  2. Jason:

    Anything that I can do to help anyone else, I will. At any time. I always hope that people will realise the good in this world because people focus too much on the bad in their day to day lives

  3. C:

    Took a friend’s mind of sth unpleasant

  4. Lua:

    No in the opposite way I made someone life bad 🙁 , I apologized to that person ..~

    But i think i gave him to focus on his life and be better person ..hope that at least ~

    I hope in this next month “Ramadan” I will help someone 🙂 and in all the time of course 😛

  5. Jenny:

    I like to think that I help someone everyday. Weather it be a smile to a stranger, a compliment, a random act of kindness, talking to a friend, anything that could uplift a person’s day, and make them forget for a moment about their daily struggles. Only hoping that they realize that life can be beautiful, and that there still are good people in this world.

  6. My ex boyfriend’s grandpa died the other day. I think my being there for him, helped. But I could be wrong.

  7. I try to help people as often as I can, particularly the homeless. Sometimes its not money they want, but the interaction. People just stop seeing them as people. It warms them to hear you ask their name and have you sit to chat. Spread light and love where you can. 😀

  8. Sonja:

    Smile and say “hullo” to persons I do no know.

  9. Rich:

    I take someone grocery shopping every Christmas. I put an ad on Craigslist and pick the best family

  10. April:

    Jeez I can’t think of something real great, that’s so sad! I’ve given some friends advice recently, that makes me feel really good. I love feeling like maybe I’ve helped someone.

  11. Kelsey:

    I give people something to laugh at.

  12. Don't Tell the Boss:

    Today. I volunteer every week at the YWCA thrift store and help people select clothing and household items. Last weekend. My daughter and I spend time at a retirement home just chatting away with residents. They enjoy the company. No other reason then the folks love the company. We’ll all get lonely and probably live away from family and friends as we age. People like people.

    If you have time, please share your time. Money is nothing. Time, even a moment of it, is everything.

  13. jake:

    Exactly boss man. True happiness comes from the time you spend, not money.

  14. Nick:

    Watching over her son.

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