Question 160

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31 Responses to “Question 160”

  1. Rache:

    The man of my dreams

  2. Aly:

    Falling in love.

  3. Lis:


  4. Malinda:

    Talking to people

  5. C:

    Having a life

  6. Abhyudaya:

    Trusting God

  7. Jason:

    It used to stop me leaving the house, talking to people, being comfortable naked. But it doesn’t any more. There is no point being afraid of these things, because that’s being afraid of life. And you know what? We never know how long we’ve got left.

    So for anyone who doesn’t have the confidence to go out and do what they want and show how they feel. Do it. You never know if you’ll have the chance to ever again.

  8. Jenny:

    I have isolated myself from having good relationships with friends, and making new friends due to my social anxiety. I hate it everyday.

  9. salvacion:

    fear of goodbyes:( f

  10. Justin:

    fear of losing a friend over something I wanted to say in a long time

  11. Fear of Rejection. Fear of being left alone.

  12. enjoying my present

  13. Justin:

    Of being who i really am around the people that really matter to me.

  14. Anne:

    making friends.

  15. Sonja:

    Believing in myself

  16. kim:

    relating to other people, and following my dreams.

  17. Raine:

    Letting everyone see the real me, what I really care about, and showing my veiws.

  18. Tara:

    * making true friends
    * being completely open about myself with my husband and family/friends…anyone
    * being true to myself
    * living up to my beliefs
    * standing up for myself

  19. Kylie:

    Telling the man of my dreams that I am in love with him.

  20. April:

    Hard to say. I guess I feel like my problems with anxiety have stopped me from having some good times. It’s hard though when you worry and worry and worry to the point of making yourself sick. Yucky.

  21. julia:

    enjoying life

  22. Aerie:

    Everything I ever wanted.

  23. Kelsey:

    Asking him out.

  24. Robert:

    It stopped me from ever loving someone.

  25. Marta:

    Selling my pottery and artwork. What if people don’t buy it?

  26. jake:

    honestly kicking alot of ass that deserves it.

  27. Elissa:

    Going places. Not just literally, but with my life as well. Being too afraid of freeways/being on the road in unfamiliar places affects you more than you’d think.

  28. sodapop:


  29. Samantha:

    living my life my way

  30. Nick:

    Developing my potentials.

  31. mistie:

    I can’t sleep in the dark
    I need to make friends, but I’m afraid of opening myself up.

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