Question 162

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18 Responses to “Question 162”

  1. Kyle:

    I think you have to believe in something first before you can see it clearly.

  2. Lua:

    I agree with Kyle: 🙂

  3. Justin:

    I think both because life is about seeing many things and what you see is what you believe. But sometimes there are things we believe in ourselves to make it true. Like ourselves, our dreams, and our hopes. And those things we believe would cause what we will see the world as.

  4. Sonja:

    Unfortunately I have to see something before I can believe it completely.

  5. Julz:

    I think kinda both because i have never been to Canada and seen it but like i believe its there. but also if someone was like come see this kid do a back-flip i would have to go see it to believe it…idk if any of that makes sense

  6. April:

    Believe to see. It takes faith, but I think after you display faith you can be so enlightened.

  7. Benino:

    I believe to see….
    because believing is seeing what the eyes cannot see…

  8. Aliiyah:

    Believe to see .

  9. Kelsey:

    I need to see to believe, but I don’t believe everything I see.

  10. Soozi:

    I believe to believe and have faith and trust; I see to seek and understand those truths and to satisfy my curiosity.

  11. Believe or know, that’s the question.

  12. Marta:

    Believe in it to see it.

  13. Danielle:

    I always try to believe before seeing, but at the same time I will constantly question the source of the information to make sure it is reliable. What I believe in is that God is reliable, however humans are not.

  14. bails:

    I believe before I see!

  15. Sabrina:

    I believe before I see.

  16. Nick:

    Believe it to see it. Like love, if you believe there’s love, you’ll see love.

  17. Sam:

    Depends on the situation, but usually see to believe.

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