Question 163

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15 Responses to “Question 163”

  1. C:

    By studying, so I can make a lot of money, so I can see the world 🙂

  2. Ckcricket:

    One step at time and presistance.

  3. Laura:

    Honestly, I don’t know what my dreams are…

    I guess I just want to live an exciting life. I don’t want to be in the same small town forever, I want to see the world. So I’m saving up my money and I’m going to do it

  4. a viv:

    By working hard to prove myself in my new job.

  5. Anne:

    I just want to help people
    I’m still in highschool, all I know is I’m funny, btu how would a comedian help people? I can sorta kinda draw? art’s pretty much out the window. poetry is good every once in a while. when I’m inspired. but basically? I don’t have any dreams right now.

  6. Sonja:

    I am not

  7. Lua:

    By doing all of my Best , Be happy and Confidence ^^

  8. CB:

    I’m about to leave the only country I’ve ever lived in and move halfway round the world! on my own! scary and exciting.

  9. April:

    I don’t really know what many of my dreams are yet. I know that for me I dream of success within my religion as in making it to my ideal heaven. That’s what matters most to me and I try my best to live my life each day so that I can make it there. I want to always be the best I can.

  10. Kelsey:

    I’m living in the moment.

  11. starzgate:

    create my own legacy

  12. sab:

    I wish I did less of the dreaming part.

  13. Raven:

    I’m at my dream school and I’m doing research this summer. I’m finally on my way to starting towards the goal I made in middle school: to get a PhD in particle physics. Neither of my parents have any college degree.

  14. Nick:

    I simply take small steps and striving to make it bigger.

  15. mistie:

    I write every other day, and strive to be an author.

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