Question 164

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28 Responses to “Question 164”

  1. C:


  2. lauren:

    take the chance. jump. and move across the country to texas to start my career. God will take care of the rest; He always has.

  3. salvacion:

    accept and let go, set myself free and start again:)

  4. Jillianne:

    sell my unit….

  5. Anne:

    finding what it is I want to do with my life

  6. Kay:

    Finding who I really am, not what I think others want me to be.

  7. To not be scared… I shouldn’t be testing the waters anymore. I just need to dive in.

  8. Laura:


  9. Jason:

    Not be afraid of people seeing who I really am, and that I’m not so nice, or determined. For people to see the real me. I need to live my live, for me. It’s ridiculous that I’m not

  10. Sonja:


  11. Lua:

    To trust my self .

  12. lis:

    make new friends!

  13. Rachel:

    Being self reliant.

  14. Julz:

    ummm clearing things up and making things more simple for myself….social wise and academic wise

  15. Sicarus:

    Get away from my friends/bad influences… start my life and stop being afraid of what’s out there. Accept the futer, look through the past, forget nothing and take every experience with me so I can better myself for the one I love, and the life I want. And I’ve goto learn to do this on my own…

  16. April:

    Get ambitious and serious about accomplishing things.

  17. Amy:

    I already took the big step of getting out of an awful relationship that was only hurting me. Now I need to take the step of trusting myself and even if I fall or fail knowing that one day it will be okay.

  18. Tori:

    Not being afraid to be me, so i can finally be really happy on the inside, not just on the outside.

  19. Aliiyah:

    Accepting myself , and working hard .

  20. Kelsey:

    To stay exactly where I am, and not screw it up

  21. Don't Tell the Boss:

    Ask my spouse for a divorce.

  22. Anona:

    Learn a foreign language. Fast.

  23. starzgate:

    Quit my current job and start my own business

  24. Neville:

    Lose it

  25. Z:

    confronting my parents about the past.

  26. Nick:

    Independence, confidence and trust on new people.

  27. mistie:

    I could use a little less inhibitions.

  28. Julie Takase:

    walking down the aisle.

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