Question 166

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  1. Nic:

    my ex-girlfriend… and maybe my destiny

  2. Laura:

    My crush. But to him, I’m invisible

  3. Franc:

    The boy I had a giant crush on in 5th grade. He was wonderful but as we got older he turned out to be a jerk. I dream about how he used to be a sweet kid.

  4. Meg:

    One of my best friends. He’s with someone else, but it honestly was so close to being me. I want him to be happy, but sometimes I can’t help but dream that if anything goes wrong with them, he’ll see that I was always here.

  5. Bethany:

    I have nightmares.

  6. The boy I’m currently wishing I could know better.

  7. Rachel:

    The boy I’m currently wishing knew me better. Vice versa I guess.

  8. Zac Efron. random, right?

  9. kim:

    my ex boyfriend or my current boyfriend. i dream that my ex boyfriend forgives me for all the pain i had put him through, or some nights i dream that my current boyfriend completely forgets about who i am or how he feels toward me.

  10. Julz:

    i dream about everyone i know…depending on what i am thinking alot about that day for example people from school if i am getting school supplies and thinking about it alot.

  11. salvacion:

    him. that someone who hurt and gave up on me, but still i love most. but i think, im nothing to him anymore…sigh:((

  12. Tori:

    my best friend who I wish could tell how I really feel about her.

  13. Robert:

    The love of my life is my, “best friend”. Although we both know it’s worth much more… I dream that someday, we make it so(:

  14. Sicarus:

    I don’t dream…

  15. Elly:

    I dream about all the amazing people in my life, and then I dream about him and it ruins it all.

  16. Kehiloe:

    About how far can my abilities take me, i dont always give my all so i want to do just that, i believe i will have the future i want, with God’s mercy and guidance.

  17. Taj:

    I dream about the boy who I’m afraid to look in the eyes. But I still long to gaze into his brown eyes hidden by square glasses.

  18. silver blaze:

    my dearest tutu … i love him with all my heart…i just wish we can be together real soon with no one to keep us apart…i love u patti <3

  19. Anika:

    My best friend. I love him to death but he will never know. He likes other ppl and I respect that. He deserves better than I can give anyway.

  20. April:

    The guy I am in love with. Things are so hard at times and hurt so much, but I also care for him beyond any capacity I could have ever comprehended. Others may look at us sometimes and doubt things and tell me that I should throw it all away and find someone new, but I can’t. I don’t want to. I may have so many challenges with him and I may feel like strangling him sometimes, but I love him so dearly and nothing can change that. He may have some crazy quirks, but they make him him and I would never change those things. I dream of being with him always. He means everything to me. I want him to be the last thing I see when I fall asleep and the first thing I see when I wake up. Maintaining things with him will be a challenge for a very long time, but that’s okay because I do not doubt that he is worth it to me.

  21. Kay:

    my boyfriend. I think he’s the one.

  22. Valerie:


  23. Jobby:

    random… but…maybe…her…

  24. Mel:

    The girl who broke my heart.

  25. Aliiyah:

    Unfamiliar people .

  26. Kelsey:

    The guy who is still just a friend.

  27. Annie:

    him. who i hope to meet someday.

  28. gretz:

    the mystery guy in my dreams. I havent seen his face

  29. Nob:

    People I’ve never met and lovers I’ll never be with

  30. Sarah:

    my dad. maybe one day he’ll want to meet me.

  31. Phenethylamine:

    Myself… Doing everything I’m afraid to do in real life.

  32. TigerLily:

    Finally: Just Me and My Dreams and the Hope of Someone to share it with.

  33. Ed:

    Getting pregnant by divine conception and then getting dumped by my boyfriend because he thinks I cheated on him because we’re not having sex and thusly he could not have gotten me pregnant.

  34. jake:

    lol ed. That has to be the most messed up dream.

  35. sodapop:

    my heroes. one day, they will see me. not just as a fan, but something bigger. something that THEY and all of those other people that have ever tried to put me down will look up to me for.

  36. Danielle:

    People I wish I knew.

  37. Anonymous:

    my best friends brother haha i barely know him, but i wish i did

  38. Macey:

    my crush. problem: his ex doesnt want us getting together. grow up girl, jealousy is so immature…

  39. Cupcakes:

    My ex-boyfriend.. &things that I probably might not be able to do in reality.

  40. Nick:

    I dream about living a better life.

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