Question 169

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49 Responses to “Question 169”

  1. Robert:

    I want to feel like I lived…

  2. C:

    Be as much as I can be

  3. Meg:

    To love. Amazing song lyrics that sum it up perfecty “I want to try to touch a few hearts in this life. To leave nothing less than something that says I was here.”

  4. Becca:

    To help someone accomplish something they hope to do before they die.

  5. If not the world, than to travel to places most people don’t even know about.

  6. Jillianne:

    Create more warmer hearts and fewer hot heads in the world.

  7. Kehiloe:

    To love abundantly, to have positively touched some few hearts and changed some lives for the better, something i can be proud to tell God.

  8. To have have children, a family.

  9. Taj:

    To be loved, and to love. To be able to look back, at the end of my life, in an empty room, and say that I am not alone. At the end of my life, I want to know that I will live on in the hearts of people I love as someone they loved.

  10. silver blaze:

    i wanna be someone….i dont want the publicity but i want to be somone for the self satisfation it brings along…i want to touch someones heart ..deeply…and know that i have done something good for someone 🙂

  11. Sandy:

    To know that I’ve touched the lives of others and to feel as if I’ve made a difference in this world.

  12. Jason:

    I want to feel pure and honest freedom> No stress, no worry. Just…me and the calm in the world.

  13. Chelsea:

    to know that i have made a positive impact and a difference in someones life

  14. salvacion:

    to feel worthy, to love and be love back, to feel appreciated. to know whats my purpose in this world…

  15. Bethany:

    I want to die with scars on my arms and a story in my pocket.

  16. Anika:

    Make up for lost time and create beautiful things to make up for my regrets. To change the world and more importantly change myself.

  17. April:

    Getting sealed to the man I love most.

  18. julia:

    i want to die knowing i changed someones life and my own

  19. Hajra:

    Perform Haj (go to mecca) with my hubby and 3 beautiful kids

  20. Omar:

    Marry Miranda.

  21. Ashton:

    Write a book.

  22. Sasha x:

    To die not regretting anything.

  23. I want to continue to reach out to the world… to inspire, to teach, to save. I want to take the ideas and thoughts and dreams that have kept me alive for the past two decades, and share them with all who wish to be a part of it.
    I want to be the creator behind some beautiful thing, whatever it may be, that can save someone’s life… that can help them save someone else in turn.

    More than anything, I want to be a light-bringer.

    And maybe I already am.

  24. swestey:

    To have kids enjoy going to school

  25. Laura:

    To just do everything I’ve ever wanted to do and go all the places I want to go. I don’t want to just have the same routine every single day

  26. Erin:

    To inspire others to make the world a better place.

  27. Aliiyah:

    Even though it says one , I don’t care .
    Obtaining confidence .
    Having children .
    Helping people .
    Getting my dream job .
    Doing what I want to do .
    Traveling the world .
    Getting married .
    Get where I want to get , emotionally and physically .

  28. Kelsey:

    I want to be as much as I can be, and I want to have enjoyed every minute of life; I want people to remember me for being able to bring joy to a room, and being a good person.

  29. Nothing. When i’m in the Now, there’s nothing to achieve.

  30. Anne:

    to help people in a big way.

  31. grenville:

    To tell the world that Jesus lives.

  32. michelle:

    to be truley & completly happy …

  33. Katie:

    to make a difference,
    to show people the world would be different without me.
    to prove i can do all the things people told me i couldn’t.

  34. Sarah:

    Being truly happy with my life, whatever that means

  35. Anonymous:


  36. Annie:

    I want my friends to feel the strong, undying, unconditional love I have for them. I want them to know what it’s like to feel as loved as I do.

  37. To have at least one child.

  38. Inka:


  39. jake:

    Tour the world with my band

  40. Bails:

    completly change someones life in a positive way!

  41. To be truly happy for just one second.

  42. Amanda:

    I want to be truly happy with the way I lived

  43. Ella:

    I want to turn someone’s life around. I want to change a life. Then I will be complete.

  44. Janie:

    Someday, I want to lay on a beach with my future husband and children, and I want to listen to their laughter. That might not be the number one thing for me, but it’s most definitely on the list.

  45. Emma:

    Accomplish the dream we’ve had for years and move to Sydney together

  46. R:

    I want to get married and have a family with a nice house. I also want to be able to show the love of Jesus in me to everyone.

  47. Nick:

    Confess all of my sins and ask God’s forgiveness.
    Be a successful graphic designer and entrepreneur.
    Gain confidence and self-esteem.
    Have the strength to stand up for myself and others.
    Be independent.
    Go to another country.
    Feel like I lived a life with little or no regrets.

  48. mistie:

    To love and be loved. Writing a novel comes second.

  49. pinkycarrot:

    to die knowing there is no more life in me

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