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  1. julia:

    when thats the only thing on your mind

  2. Robert:

    Love cannot be a weakness… Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, just people make it a need, and a want, more than a blessing=/

  3. Sandy:

    When it stops you from doing what you want to do.

  4. Hajra:

    love is never a weakness, it just makes you weak at the knees (tha’s when u know it’s love)

  5. Omar:

    I agree with what Sandy said “When it stops you from doing what you want to do.” I add “…stops you from doing the right thing to do”.

  6. True love, isn’t a weakness. Because that person wants you to be able to do what you can. It’s only when you think it’s love, as if you were in an abusive relationship, that it holds you back from doing what you need to do.

  7. Conor&Courtney:

    I think love is a weakness, when you love someone so much you’d do anything for them. You just want to be with that one person forever. But you know you can’t. Things end, and people change. And things can die out. So like when you’re desperately in love, as in not just loving someone, but putting them on a pedestol in your mind and being willing to sacrifice everything for them.
    I also think there has to be a lot of acceptance in love; acceptance of life, people, the way the world works, the way the universe works. If you don’t have that, then you will be utterly destroyed if the love you feel gets taken away from you. You can also face a lot of difficulties without acceptance, and thats when its a weakness.

  8. Sheri:

    Never. It may hinder, but without love, life would be emptiness, the epitome of weak. It is love, and compassion, that make us strong.

  9. Paige:

    I think love becomes a weakness when the person isn’t good with you, when they abuse you mentally and physically, yet you stay with them because you love them.

  10. Tara:

    when you love a person to the point that you let them treat you like crap yet you won’t leave them even though you remain miserable inside because you feel as if your love isn’t being given back.

  11. Cricket:

    Love is a weakness when you alienate yourself from both family and friends in order to stay with a single person.

  12. rodo:

    when you think of it as a commodity, giving it to some but withholding from others, making it a sign of acceptance. we all deserve it

  13. Bethany:


  14. Anika:

    All the time.

  15. Tay:

    When it ruins other relationships.

  16. Love, true love, is never a weakness.
    By its very nature, love brings light, hope, understanding, safety, peace, strength.
    It cannot do harm.
    It may bring pain, sorrow, and sleepless nights… but it will never bring anger, jealousy, malice.
    Such things come from our own conflicted hearts.

    The key is to find love… real, honest love… and keep it closer than anything else. To live that selfless emotion in every waking moment.
    If you hold fast to that ideal, you will never be weak again.

  17. john:

    when it is time for them to pass on

  18. C:

    When it’s not with the right person. Or if it stops you from being who you are

  19. Laura:

    Love is a weakness when you let it be.

  20. Aliiyah:

    Love , is a weakness when it controls your life , and stops you .

  21. Jackie:

    when he doesnt love you back

  22. Kelsey:


  23. Anne:

    when you can’t tell the difference between love and lust

  24. April:

    It’s not. It’s a beautiful gift. It needs to be handled carefully and cherished. It takes worth, but when it’s true, it’s worth it. Such a beautiful thing. There’s not many things I can think of that are more beautiful to me than two people in true, honest, pure love.

  25. ivy:

    when you can’t get him/her out of your mind..

  26. gretz:

    when you don’t know what to do about it and put your heart over your mind.

  27. Krista:

    Love is a weakness when you can no longer go through your day without desperately needing to be with the person you love. Love makes people do stupid things… things that they’ll come to regret, and that is a weakness.

  28. bluejai:


  29. Rae:

    When it becomes co-dependency

  30. Sarah:

    Only when you allow it to make you into someone you are not.

  31. A:

    when it impedes your ability to be an individual.

  32. Hunter:

    When it leaves you high and dry because you love someone so much and they can’t bother to give you the time of day.

  33. J.:

    when the object of love becomes something that sucks the life out of you, rather than give you life like real love is supposed to.

  34. sodapop:

    all the time.

  35. sinead:

    When its not mutual..

  36. In romance, all of the time.

  37. dani:

    when the one you love doesnt love you back.

  38. Kat:

    When its unhealthy.

  39. Gracie-Lou:

    when it stops you from leaving them because you dont want to see them hurt…

  40. Nick:

    When you get too addicted to it that you forget everything else that’s important.

  41. mistie:

    When it becomes co-dependent, and/or you allow your loved one to abuse or neglect you.

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