Question 171

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  1. mistie:

    My mother and father were fighting over a hammer, throwing threats and daring the other to kill. I had to stop them myself, or I wouldv’e lost a parent. If I was sure that it wouldn’t be my mother who died, I would’ve left them alone. I cried and cried that day. I think all of my most terrifying moments have been caused due to my parents’ impatience and anger issues. They’re in most, if not all, of them.

  2. Delilah:

    slipping in and out of consciousness as the tried to get me out of the wreckage everything being a blur of sirens and flashing lights. realizing that my brother was dead and stopping fighting when i remembered i was supposed to be in his spot

  3. Kellen:

    One day, after I had fallen and my arm had gone numb, and after the MRI and CT scan, my mother and I sat in the doctor’s office that she works at, in a quiet room. He entered, asked how I was feeling, and began to tell me that my T2 vertebrae had collapsed and that a tumor, either leukemia or lymphoma, had come out of my spine in place of the vertebrae. I remember hugging my mother and crying, screaming, and shaking hysterically because I “didn’t want to die.” I do not have cancer. However, my spine is still broken and I have a benign tumor growing out of it.

  4. P:

    It was a normal monday and I was at my cousin’s house. We knew the day before my grandma wasn’t feeling well but we got a call she was in hospital. My uncle and aunty, their two children and a different cousin didn’t fully get the situation so we stayed while my parents, brother and other cousin from a different family went two hours away. While we had a bike ride my uncle got a call saying she was serious. We left immediately. In the Car we received a call which we presumed was that she had passed, but she was still ok. All I remember was counting more than 500 Trucks during that journey. We left around 6. Arrived at 8.30. We ran up the stairs to her floor when I remember my cousin who was with my parents’ mother saying she was gone. I fell against the wall because I physically could not hold myself up. She had passed away at 7.30, but they didn’t want to tell us while we were driving.

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