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  1. S:

    One of my friends, she’s been through so much, but she still keeps going, puts a smile on her face and looks out for us. She never complains and i can’t believe how strong she is.

  2. Kehiloe:

    Myself, i know i have capabilities that i’m afraid to put into action, but yes, with good attitude, the will and through God i can do anything and i believe i am strong.


  4. Tori:

    My dad, because through everything I have gone through in my life and put him through, he is still there when I need him most, and loves me unconditionally. I know that will never change.

  5. Taj:

    My friend, because at 15, he is able to take the weight of his family on his shoulders. Because he no longer has fear for himself, but fears for the people he knows. And because he can be the father figure in so many lives, be alone in that sense of no one being his equal, and still be happy.

  6. Steve:

    My nephew Trevor – who is leaving the comforts of a good job in Canada and relocating his family to Tasmania to do God’s work – under a curtain of criticism from those who do not share his vision.

  7. Lua:

    none !

    Because all of us have a strength and weakness moments . . after all we are human ^^

  8. Bethany:

    My best friend. She has done so much for me and so much for everyone she’s ever met. Even with all the shit that’s going on in her life, she stays strong. I just wish she could see that.

  9. Gwendolyn:

    It’s a tie between my father and I.

  10. Kelsey:

    My friends, They carried the weight for me when I collapsed.

  11. A!:

    A certain friend of mine who has combated multiple unique situations in her life, and acts like it’s normal. Not everyone has lesbian moms and a fake eye. Now, she’s currently in a foreign country for a foreign exchange program, where her host parents don’t speak a lick of English. It takes a special kind of person to be that brave.

  12. Nara:

    My mum.. she s my hero…..

  13. Hazel_craZy:


  14. Ye:

    My friend Matt.

  15. Kouly:

    My grandma. The Secret War during the Vietnam War tore many Hmong families apart. She lost her husband and her home fleeing from communists. She came to the US with 5 children not knowing any English nor what would lie ahead in this new country. She never remarried either, and stood tall regardless of her circumstances. She raised me and my 6 siblings after my mother passed away and our father left us for a new life. Her love has never ceased to amaze me.

  16. Anne:

    my english teacher. She’s always smiling and has a positive outlook on life even though she’s been through such hard times.

  17. April:

    So hard to pick. I feel like I have so many strong, beautiful people around me. These have no particular order.

    My Father- He grew up with his father being an alcoholic part of his life. He got violent and scary. My dad’s never talked about it, but my aunt has. He still has psychological scars to this day.

    My Mother- She puts up with my father and hasn’t killed him. 🙂 She has the patience of an angel I do believe.

    Amanda- She’s struggled with confidence her whole life. She put up with being in a rough relationship with someone who tore her down so much, but she is such a strong person. She’s one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out. I cannot even put into words what I think and feel about her.

    Sky- I feel like he goes through a lot of things I could never imagine going through. Not having my family strong in my religion with me would be such a hard thing for me. I think he has a wonderful family. His parents once were divorced, but are married again. I think that would have been such a hard thing to go through. I admire his strength and courage in all he does in his life. I love him beyond all comprehension. I admire that he gets himself to church by himself and his independence to do things on his own. He has such a strength about him that I don’t think he even sees or really recognizes. He probably doesn’t even know the extent of my admiration towards him.

  18. Jason:

    My friend Tallie. She’s had almost everything happen to her and she’s my age, early twenties. She’s been through the most horrifying treatment for mental health issues and you know what? She’s still the kindest, most wonderfully articulate woman I know, even though the ECT damaged a large part of her memory. It’s honestly an honour to say I even know her. She’s incredible and I love her to pieces. I actually can’t wait to see where she is in 20 years time, I know it’s going to be amazing to be part of it.

  19. Erin:

    Jeezus, ummm, I think Nora probably. Because she is genuinely herself and amazing because of it. She isn’t afraid to smile or break down. She loves people for themselves. She sees the good in everyone. I seriously think she is probably one of the strongest people I know…and you wouldn’t even think of it. Love you, lil sis.

  20. Hannah:

    I’m aunt Dee who has worked for Hospice nearly 20 years.

  21. Becca:

    My friend Melissa(who would kill me if she read this.)

    When i first read this i immediately thought of all my friends who have overcome some big event or awful situation but then i realized that if you are about to lose everything it is very easy and natural to change and be strong because you dont have a choice. It is the people who could keep going as they are but decide to change just because, who i feel are the strongest. Maybe they dont have to fight and be strong as much as those who are hurt but in ways they are stronger because they chose to.

  22. the strongest person i know is my grandpa. at the age of 78, he battled lung cancer for 14 months. that was over a year ago. 2 months ago, he found out the cancer came back at full force (stage 5). even though this is tough news to take, he keeps the most optimistic attitude towards it and doesn’t let it rule his life. his tremendous strength truly inspires me.

  23. Lottie:

    My daddy.

  24. starzgate:

    my mom 😉

  25. Anonymous:

    My father. He’s been through so much shit with his family, ex-wife, his life. I’m so proud to call him my father even though I haven’t been the best daughter to him. If he could read this, I’d tell him that I’d take everything back, and just want to be his daughter who sees her father as the most important person in my entire life. I love you, Dad.

  26. Emma:

    My 3 sisters

    E-She’s gone through so much, especially at her old school, but she never lets it hold her back. She’s a completely different person from back then, changing for the better, making sure that others don’t go through what she did.

    A-She’s admitted without some people in her life, she wouldn’t be here right now. We share our struggles with our home lives, but she is the most determined to reach her goal no matter what. She fights everyday for what she wants and believes in.

    C-She puts up with everyone’s struggles plus her own. Hearing not just her own family’s issues, but also those of me and our other sister, always worries and frustrates her. Work and school pressures her, but she never cracks. She is everyone’s rock, ready to confront anyone who hurts us in any way.

  27. My mother

  28. Samantha:

    harold, he has been throught hell and high water and still some how he keeps being happy and smiling. somethig he always tells me when i am having a bad day … smile it makes the bad things a little better

  29. Amanda:

    My best friend. She’s been through so much, but still stays optimistic.

  30. My Grandmother. She survived breast cancer, twice. She survived a double mastectomy. She told Cancer and Death to piss off, and she is living a full, amazing healthy life, with grandchildren who adore her.

    She may be my father’s step mother, but she’s the only grandmother I’ve ever had that actually cared about me…. and I think the world of her.

  31. kayla:

    My mother. Though she hasn’t survived cancer, or saved lives, or made discoveries, she did raise me. and that alone has made her strong. believe me.

  32. Nick:

    My friend Vincent because he can cry and would not care about what other people think. And I admire him for that.

  33. mistie:

    I don’t really know. But if I did know, I’d say that it was my mother.

  34. Anna:

    My friend, J, is the strongest person I know. She was abused by her father for years and her best friend, who was also her fiance, died from cancer. She’s lost so much in her life, yet I’ve never met someone who gives more. She wants to give all she’s got, even if it’s self-sacrificial. She’s gentle and quiet, and I think that sometimes makes people forget about her. She’s a background person – always working, never looking for limelight. But there’s no one I’d want more to have my back. Even after all the pain she’s been through, she’s fiercely loyal to those she loves. She’s more like a sister to me than a friend. And the fact that she still loves and gives after all she’s been through makes her stronger than anybody I’ve ever known.

  35. Kellen:

    My mother. Hands down.

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