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  1. Cindy:

    I would call someone that used to be my best friend. We don’t talk as much anymore, but Jimmy is still one of the most important people to me. I would call him and let him know that everyday I think about him, and what a great addition he was to my life. My only regret about our friendship is that I didn’t have the courage to keep talking to him after everything in his life changed for the better. I didn’t want to be a reminder of all the bad times he went through, that I helped him through. I’d also tell him that I loved him, and I would continue to love him until my dying breath. Forever and always.

  2. Devon:

    I honestly wish I could just list off so many names… but now, I have nobody to tell, and even less to care about it.

  3. Kelsey:

    I would call my family, and my closest friends, then set “is dying” as my face book status. Anyone who comments is a real friend. I’d tell everyone how much they mean to me.

  4. Bethany:

    I would call him and spend all day trying to tell him how sorry I am and how much he means to me.

  5. Laura:

    I’d call my best friend, and tell him that he’s the most amazing friend I’ve ever had, and I’d tell tell him that even though we fought, he was the only person that could put a smile on my face no matter the circumstance and for him to stop being so negative.

    I’d also call my other best friend who seems to be drifting away from me and ask her why.

  6. Sam:

    I would call Carolynn and tell her how proud I am of her. And that I love her.
    I would call Lilian and tell her that she is by far, one of the most interesting people I have ever met. And that I love her.
    I would call Eric and tell him that I love him and that he is my favorite part of being a big sister.
    I would call Karin and tell her that I may or may not be coming over to her house tomorrow depending on the circumstances. And also, that she is wonderful in so many ways. And baffling in so many more ways. And that I love her.
    I would call Sara and tell her she has terrible taste in men and that she is the reason I talk on the phone at all. And that I love her.
    I would call Rachel. And ask how she is doing. And tell her that I hope she can find some sort of happiness and purpose. And that I don’t love her. But I once did, and I will always remember that.
    And then finally I would call myself and leave a voicemail. Telling myself that’s it’s going to be alright. That I’m going to be just fine. That everything is as it should be. Even if it’s not. And that I love me.

  7. Sarah:

    I would call my first boyfriend and tell him how much he changed my life and I wish I were still a part of his.

  8. I would call my sister. And we would talk for hours about nothing and everything just as usual. And at the end of our conversation I would tell her that my life would not have been so wonderful without her and that she always always will be my number one person and that I loved her. We would cry but still be happy for eachothers words.

  9. Me:

    I would call him and tell him the truth of how I feel. I just can’t find the words now.

  10. Erin:

    Thanks for posting the question I submitted (I don’t mind that you tweaked it). I asked it because it’s coming closer with every passing second. I have cancer; it’s terminal, I’m going to die.

    I want to call everybody who made my life a little better in some way, big or small. Like the boy I had a crush on in third grade. Like my best friends who’ve always been there for me. Like my elementary school janitor, who was supportive and kind to me. Like my six year-old cousin, whose smiles and laughs always brought a smile and a laugh to my own face. Like my fifth grade teacher, who once said, “You are what you eat.” and gave our class Smarties and Nerds candy before tests. Like Michael Fowlin, the motivational speaker who touched my heart… I could go on for a long time.

    To be honest, though, I’m scared that years from now, I’ll be just a name and a faint memory. And eventually I’ll be forgotten.

  11. C:

    I’d call my first crush and tell him what I think of him.

    Erin, I’m sure that you’ll always remain as a powerful memory to those closest to you

  12. LAURA:

    I would call the one man I have loved more than anyone else in my life. Due to circumstances, we could never be together, however, we both loved each other and had formed a bond that was and probably never will be broken. I have not seen this man in many years and yet our love for each other has remained as strong as the day we fell in love. He is the one I would call and I would want to see just one last time.

  13. Tori:

    I would call the person that abused me when I was little, and just let her know that even though she put me through hell, I am strong and one of the most caring and thoughtful people ever and she has to live the rest of her life knowing she abused someone like me.

  14. Soozi:

    It’s the stupidest thing, but I could call my ex best friend Maggie and tell her I’m sorry, that I regret getting into that fight with her. Even though I don’t even want to be friends with her anymore, I regret how we ended it. Then I would call my neighbor Jacqueline and tell her how much I love her, have always loved her, and no matter what happens in her life, I will always love and support her. I would call my closest group of friends and thank them for having inspired me and accepted me for what I am, I would call my best friend and tell her even though we never hung out, she was the one who pulled me out of my depression and I will forever owe her for that. I would call my boyfriend and let him know that even though I don’t believe in Soul mates, I believe that if True love exists, our love was it.

  15. Michelle:

    I would call my mum and thank her for how she and my father brought me up. How fortunate I feel having had them as my parents, teaching me so many fantastic lessons. So much more to say to your parents and thank them, but I’m sure there are never enough words. I would call my sister and tell her although sometimes we don’t see eye to eye, her heart is big and I love her and I forgive her the times that she says things that she later regrets. I would call my ex and tell him how much I still love him and how he changed my life and although we aren’t together, he was the best relationship I have had with a partner, so compatible, so beautiful and honest in so many ways. I would call some of my closest friends and thank them for sharing their time with me and how much I have enjoyed learning, listening, laughing and crying with so many of them.

    Erin, I can’t possibly imagine how you feel, but thank you for posing the question. It should remind us how precious every moment really is.

  16. Myra:

    My family. Goodbye

  17. N:

    I call the most important person.

    I hear what I should have called you and can stream down it till now when I continue having confidence to me whom you received.

    And I contact God and ask so that it is needed around him as invisible existence.

  18. Anne:

    Every single one of my friends, my past friends, and my coworkers…even people I may hate or dislike at the moment, I would take the time to call as many of them individually and say my last words.

  19. April:

    I would call my family and friends that I love most and tell them how much I really do love them and to make the world a brighter place each day.

    I would call the guy I am in love with and pour my heart and soul out to him. I would thank him for each day since the moment I met him. He’s changed my life for the better and shown me more love than I could ever fathom. I would promise him that death may be parting us at this moment, but we would see each other again and be happy together forever. I’d tell him to live his life as happily as possible because that’s what I would want for him and I’ll be his guardian angel watching him from heaven each day until he follows me there.

  20. anon:

    id tell him how much i love him and how i wish i could have been enough

  21. Erin:

    I’d tell Brandon that he is the best friend I could ever have. That I love him. That I’ll miss him. That’s it’s okay to cry.
    I’d tell Alex thank you. That I am more me because of him. That he makes me feel alive and strong. That he helped me see my passion.
    I’d tell Nora that she is amazing. That I wish I could be there to have lil sis bonding nights and adventures by day. I’d thank her for bringing out my sunshine and understanding my storm.
    I’d tell Padraic he is terrific. That he makes me feel worthy, loved, and cared for. That he is the reason I first really smiled here. And that he always makes me feel that I belong somewhere.

  22. Hannah:

    I would call no one and just live my life to the fullest as possible, do things i’ve never done before. I will not waste my time on telling people that they will never see me again, i don’t want them to feel bad. They should feel proud of all the accomplishments i’ve achieved throughout my lifetime.

  23. Ref:

    i would call my Child and family and tell them to seek every answer in God, to read the bible ask for direction from God , also to pray that the Holy spirit never leaves them. so tht they may endure a life filled wiht joy.

  24. Meg:

    I wouldn’t be able to call anyone because my stupid new service provider hasn’t activated my account after 5 days of the application was approved – so my phone is inactive

  25. I would dial random numbers; call a complete stranger.

    And I would tell that person that I love them.

    And it would be true.

    And if by some miracle no one answered, or anything went wrong with the call.. well, at least I’ll have known that I tried, and took the chance to go one step further in my life with a single, last phone call.

  26. Anonymous:

    No one

  27. Sarah:

    I would call my nanny. I would tell her how much i love her and how im so proud to be called her granddaughter. she always gave me strength and she always knew the right things to say. she has seen love and hate and yet she still keeps her head up high with a smile on her face. shes my role model, my savior, she gives me such hope. i love her so much. and id tell her im sorry

  28. Shannon:

    My family already knows I love them but my best guy friend doesnt. I would call him and tell him I love him. I would tell him that out of everyone in my life he made me the happiest. I would tell him he was the only person in my life that I could be 100% myself around. Then I would apologize for never having the courage to tell him all this sooner.

  29. Meow:

    I would hug the people that I’m closest to, and the people I’ve always respected. I’d apologize to my worst enemy and try my best to make someone smile.

  30. Holly:

    My brother-in-law. I’d tell him I’m proud of him for getting sober and holding a job.

  31. Raven:

    I would call my best friend and make her promise to not throw her life away and to be able to provide a better life for her kids than her mom did for her.

  32. Logan:

    I’d tell him and tell him how much he has hurt me. And that every time I look at him I die inside. Even though I’ve lied and said everything is okay…

  33. I would call all of my friends and tell them their are the main reason my life is worth living!

  34. pearl:

    I will call my mom. And I will tell her everything that I keep inside. I will tell her that I love her so much and sorry.

  35. Emma:

    All 3 of my sisters, and apologize to them for what I put them through, but to tell them I loved them more than anyone

  36. Anon:

    I’d call my best friend, except that he wouldn’t answer his phone, he would ignore me, and I would have to leave a message telling him how much I love him and that the past three and a half years have been some of the most wonderful I’ve experienced. And, I’d also probably tell him not to worry, because I understand that he doesn’t want to go over his minutes. I would apologize for all of the rotten things that I’ve said, because I really do love him.
    I couldn’t call anyone else. I don’t think I could stomach it. I’m not good at saying goodbye.

  37. Rosie:

    I would call all my cousins and tell them to keep there head up and that I’ll love them forever! Then I would call my dad and tell him that I Love Him even though he left us!

  38. Nick:

    I would call my parents, tell them I love them so much.
    I would also call my friends, asking them for forgiveness.

  39. mistie:

    I would call my sisters and tell them to be confident, and to always love and respect themselves.

  40. Jessica:

    I’d call one of my best friends- Sarah, she’s like my sister, and I would tell her that life is beautiful. And not to stress, and that if she needs me, all she has to do is look over her shoulder.

    I’d call my mother and say thank you, and tell her I love her. I’d tell her to go and live. I’d tell her to go on holiday. Spoil herself.

    I’d tell my father I was sorry that we grew apart.

    I’d tell the guy I’ve cared about for three years; that I hope he’s found what he was looking for.

  41. Julie Takase:

    my dad. id tell him if it wasnt for him, id never would have gotten so far.

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