Question 174

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  1. Ale =):

    A single picture of my life, would be at the beach with my mom and my aunt.. The beach has been an important place in my life, has been always near it, love the smell of it I enjoy just looking at it… and I will have to be in that picture with my mom and my aunt, because all what I am right now is thanks to them…! They have always been there for me, helping me, taking care of me, giving me the best advices and giving me more love then what I have give to them…!

  2. Myra:

    Like it had been taken by a professional

  3. Bethany:

    It would be in black and white. In a dark spot, I’d be crawled up in a bed alone, holding a knife. Maybe it’s stained. Maybe it isn’t. You can see rain on the windows. Everything else is empty and white.

  4. Julz:

    I think it would be at school in the spring and its colorful and i am with my friends and everyone is smiling and having a good time

  5. C:

    Probably just me; wondering off in my world of thoughts.

  6. Anne:

    I’d probably be laying in a field while its raining, since I am absolutely in love with nature. The wind blowing rapidly, thunder clapping and lightening striking.

  7. Katy:

    Would be a picture of an English princess in America trapped between to world of fairytales and real life

  8. salvacion:

    probably, a photo of me having my own happy family:)

  9. April:

    It’d be a picture of me and the guy I love. An empty meadow with just us, staring into each others eyes with the pure joy radiating between us.

  10. N:

    I get into a small boat.
    I go down the river flowing calmly.
    I enjoy scenery and sleep there.
    I entrust a flow without rowing it with an oar.

    Possibly is not there the ship; …?

  11. Hannah:

    Me lying naked on the forest floor looking up through the trees towards the sky.

  12. Kay:

    I would want a picture with all of my friends and family, and on top of that I would want a picture with the people who have affected my life in drastic ways, even if I dislike them. I would want us all to be gathered around a piano. I believe that all of these elements have created who I am today and I wouldn’t be here without many of them.

  13. Becca:

    I have that picture. It is of a beach i used to go to. A major event in my life happened there and everything since has sprung from that moment.

  14. DI:

    running and dancing on a rainy day …

  15. Zorbit:

    Photoshopped. It will look photoshopped. Like the urge to cheat through life. The mouseclick away from succes. The succes you’ve always wanted but not realised you had already. Makes you crave more. Moaar!

  16. Bob:

    Like I’m looking through a keyhole into darkness. All you see is my eye coming through the keyhole.

  17. Poppy:

    Me running through a field in the rain.
    There is hills and flowers all around me, but the sky is dark and all the flowers are wet.
    My arms are reaching out and my head in facing down.
    My hair is sopping wet but I’m laughing and smiling.

  18. TigerLily:

    Probably a Picture of me with a Huge Smile, Jumping, happy and with a lot of nature, a sunset and nature around me.

  19. Lali:

    the only photo……me, pregnant. ItΒ΄s the best moment in my life!

  20. Lenny:

    As of now in my life it would be myself and 10 friends on top of violet hill (a place behind my house) at night with a clear starry sky and shooting stars.
    Honestly one of the best nights of my life

  21. Nukannguaq:

    It would be in a gravel soccerfield, running, sweating and fighting my heart off.
    Even with my knee bleeding, I would hide it and still run for the ball. πŸ™‚
    I just love football πŸ™‚

  22. Sarah:

    A giant, tempting chocolate bar.

  23. haley george:

    Me walking backwards, in the dark, on a foggy night. Holding Kevins hand.

  24. A picture of me, a picture so hideous I just want to burn it!

  25. Rosie:

    Me walking next to my horse along the riverbank where we go swimming in the summer.

  26. Amanda:

    A picture of me happy and having fun

  27. Anon...:

    Probably surrounded by the people that I care about and the ones that care about me all laughing with glow sticks, stars and while it is raining while on a nice green meddow hill πŸ™‚

  28. Sasha:

    I would be sitting on a window sill, my head leaning gently against the glass (because that is the position I am known for, and love), wearing a beautiful fairytale dress that has been ripped to shreds. My hair would be wild and curly and falling over my face which would not be seen. I would look like I was beautiful once, but had been torn apart, and now just watched the world go by. Because that pretty much sums up my whole life.

  29. Sarah:

    There is this picture of me as a kid. It depicts me in every sense. It’s absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of who I am today and how I got to be who I am today. I still smile the same way.

  30. Nick:

    Me jumping off a cliff to a vast land of soft green grass.

  31. deepak:

    on K2 thinking of all the people I love… and those who love me…..

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